‘It wasn’t us! It’s the roos in the loos what dunnit’

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Kangaroos eating toilet paper
The photographic evidence that could finally prove grey nomads have been falsely accused.  PIC: Matt Trayner / SNSW / Daily Mail

Having long been accused of stealing toilet paper from remote amenities blocks across Australia, the grey nomads may have finally been cleared of the crime.

A British backpacker has seemingly unmasked the real villains by filming a couple of hungry marsupials chomping on loo roll and munching on paper towels in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges National Park.

Matt Trayner, 29, captured the video evidence in the men’s toilets at Wilpena Pound Resort.

The Daily Mail reports that one kangaroo was eating a long roll of hand roll ‘like a conveyor belt’ while the tail of the other could be seen sticking out from under the cubicle door.

Mr Trayner can be heard saying: ‘Lads, what is going on? They’re eating the toilet paper. Guys, that’s not nutritious – what are you doing?’

The engineer, who had been out with friends before going to the loo, said it was an incredible sight.

“’We had all had a few drinks that night too, so that made the sight even funnier!” he said. “They had been spotted hopping around the campsite, so they obviously weren’t too bothered being around humans.”

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  1. I’ve seen green frogs in the loo.. Heard of snakes, rats and the redback spider… Different.

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