Grey nomads win lottery … for the second time!

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Lottery luck lighting does strike twice!

Who said lottery luck lightning doesn’t strike twice? Certainly not the grey nomad couple who have just won $150,000 … only months after picking up a $10 million jackpot payout.

Back in January, the pair from Queensland’s Gold Coast had their Big Lap transformed by a monster Oz Lotto payout. They were well into their Big Lap when they checked old tickets that had been sitting in their glovebox … and their numbers came up.

After a bit of celebrating and a trip to the caravan dealers to upgrade the rig, the pair were back on the open road enjoying the good life again.

Then things got even better.

“After we won Oz Lotto we upgraded our caravan and have been travelling ever since,” the happy man told the Katherine Times. “Then, we stopped in Katherine and just popped in to get an Instant Scratch-Its.”

The rest as they say is history. The $10 ticket came up trumps.

Despite having two major wins under their belt, the roving couple told the Katherine Times they’d never considered themselves to be ‘lucky’ people.

“We’ve never been this lucky …  we’re the kind of people who wake up one day to find out all their super has been lost down the tube,” the woman said. “Now we’re wondering if these things come in threes and whether we’ll have another win before the end of the year, it’s unbelievable.”

And what about their plans now they’re $150,000 richer? You guessed it … they plan to continue their travels across Australia.

“This win interrupted the holiday a little bit,” the man laughed. “But it’s been a very happy interruption,”

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2 Responses to Grey nomads win lottery … for the second time!

  1. You think winning $10 million would be enough. Let somebody else win a big prize.

  2. Good luck to them. It is a game of chance, if these people have the money to gamble and they win, then it is none of our business.

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