‘We’ve won $10 million … let’s buy a new caravan!’

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ozlotto win for grey nomads
How would you spend a $10m win?

While it could be argued that everyone travelling long-term around this beautiful country has won the proverbial lottery, the news that one grey nomad couple actually won the real thing last week has sparked numerous campfire ‘what if’ conversations.

Despite their Oz Lotto numbers being drawn on January 2, it wasn’t until a week later when the pair of lucky caravanners stopped for groceries that they realised they had won the $10 million jackpot.

“This ticket was in the glovebox the whole time … it’s a marked entry – my numbers that I’ve been playing for years,” said one half of the anonymous – but deliriously happy – winning pair. “I put it in for 10 weeks at a time, wherever I am and then it just sits in the glovebox … this is unbelievable!”

The man from the Gold Coast told the Brisbane Courier-Mail that he and his wife were only newly retired, so still had plenty of time to enjoy their good fortune.

“We’re travelling around in a caravan – doing a lap around Australia,” he said. “This changes things, but we’ll keep travelling and there’ll definitely be a caravan upgrade as we’ve been looking at getting a new one but couldn’t afford it!”

• How would winning $10 million change your Big Lap? Would you upgrade and keep travelling … or abandon the campsites of the open road in favour of luxury hotels? Comment below

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6 Responses to ‘We’ve won $10 million … let’s buy a new caravan!’

  1. Definitely no luxury hotels for us… open road in our Tvan for us

    • congratulations and best wishes and hope nothing changes unless you both want it to

  2. A quality caravan 22/23 ft. Full ensuite, solar for outback camping and relyable landcruser tow vehicle would do me

  3. Bugger the bloody hotels ,get out there where real people enjoy each other’s company, enjoy associations and experiences .
    Grey nomads want to play with their toys & enjoy life while they can

  4. 9 months in OZ with an van and 3 months every year business class around the world to different locations.

  5. Continuing to travel as a grey nomad of course! Doubt that we’d change our van but the tow vehicle, recently upgraded might get an upgrade of its own. We’d be able to make the most of travelling with more frequent trips to visit family and overseas. What a lifestyle!

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