New free camping area to bring nomads to Manilla

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The new free camping site at Manilla should attract grey nomads to town. PIC: Facebook/Northern Daily Leader

The New Year will see a new free camping site open up in the New South Wales town of Manilla, about 45 kilometres northwest of Tamworth.

The local council has voted unanimously in favour of turning a patch of community land on the banks of the Namoi River into a spot where visitors can stop for a night or two.

Local politicians hope the community on Fossickers Way will now be able to ‘snare’ at least one-in-ten of the caravanners and campers who regularly make their way to Bingara.

Deputy mayor Phil Betts said he hoped the new area would level the playing field, and mean Manilla wouldn’t keep missing out on the tourism that Bingara enjoys.

“Manilla lends itself to the caravan, grey nomad aspect,” Cr Betts told the Northern Daily Leader. “It has got something equally good to offer along the river and it lends itself to becoming a tourism mecca and put Manilla on the map.”

Council will spend $2000 on bollards, $1000 on tap installation, $2700 on water meter installation and $1000 on bin installation.

The Northern Daily Leader says theinitiative had strong community backing with 39 Manilla businesses and residents writing letters of support.

A freedom camping site is public land which is available to campervan or motor vehicles for brief stop overs. The site typically has minimal or no facilities, such as toilets or showers.

There are 3,643 freedom camping sites in NSW and more than 10,000 Australia wide.

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13 Responses to New free camping area to bring nomads to Manilla

  1. if you use it, apply the philosophy “take away more rubbish than you leave” …and hopefully we can keep it open forever.

  2. Fantastic, should open up more great places to camp in this great country of ours,

  3. From the reports we have heard on our travels over the years, and thats been 4 – 6 months every year for the last 20 years, they should re coupe their investment very quickly and the business owners of Manilla should be very happy with their council’s decision.

    Well done to the councillors who see the benefits of us “Grey Nomads”, and the support we will provide, given the opportunity.

    Cheers Sundy

  4. That great. Ill most definitely visit on the way through this year.

  5. Their are a lot of towns and cities that need to follow Manilla and Bringara.

    Ulmarra the historic river town on the banks of the Clarence river needs to do the same as their will be less traffic through town once the highway bypass is finished.

  6. A big thank you to the Manilla Council. I only wish more Council’s would adopt your attitude. Well done

  7. Thank you Manilla. It’s nice to here of a free or low cost camp opening up.
    We will most certainly visit and spend money in your town. When our travels take us that way. And spread the word to anyone sseking this type of camping.

  8. Thank you Manilla nice to here of free camps opening when many others seem to be being shut down. When we venture into your area we will certainly stay and support your town.

  9. Great idea, unfortunately the free loaders will overstay and restricte other campers trying to get a site for the night.

  10. Yes we will support you Manilla, and spend that money in your town Stevo.

  11. As I have said many times; it is the small town that offers the most welcoming attitude.

  12. can you tell me the exact address of the new camp site at manilla nsw

  13. Thankyou, sounds wonderful, we always spend our money in towns when we have the opportunity of stopping over in free or low cost safe areas.
    Just one question, who monitors the length of stay? Would be sad to see the freeloaders move in and abuse your towns wonderful freedom camp.

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