Historic Muckadilla Hotel totally destroyed by fire

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Muckadilla Hotel burns down
The Muckadilla Hotel has been destroyed by fire. PIC: Jaimee-lee Prow/ABC

An historic Outback pub much loved by grey nomads and other travellers has been destroyed by fire.

No one was hurt in the blaze at the Muckadilla Hotel, 40 kilometres west of Roma in Queensland’s southern inland.

Thick smoke caused the closure of the Warrego Highway in both directions.

According to the hotel’s website, the pub was built in 1912 but the original bar burnt down in 1960.

Longreach journalist Jaimee-lee Prow was driving by when she saw the publican and several patrons running across the road to escape from the blaze.

“I’m not a local here, but coming from a country town, you know in the rush of the moment it was overwhelming — you know, a big chunk of history that goes down with the pub,” she told the ABC. “It’s a popular meeting place for a lot of people, everyone’s run amok at the Muckadilla pub at some point.”

The building also housed nine motel rooms and, according to a sign spotted at the edge of the property, it has been up for sale.

Prow said the fire tore through the building very fast.

“After calling the fire department, we stood across the road and basically watched the Muckadilla pub in all her glory burning, it really didn’t take long to catch on,” she said. “We were standing across the road but we had to get back because of the heat that was coming off the pub as it was burning down and very thick smoke coming out of it.”

Prow told the ABC that she expected locals to be devastated when they saw the damage.

“These institutions are the heart of a community and I can only imagine that this will really affect the Muckadilla and surrounding communities,” she said. “It’s the heart, it’s the drawcard on the major highway for those small communities.”

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