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Toilet facility in Narromine
Trangie Caravan Park's al fresco toilet facility wins tourist attraction recognition. PIC: Contributed/Narromine News

In the battle to keep grey nomads happy … and coming back … many caravan parks are looking to try something a little bit quirky and to create something memorable.

And that’s at least part of the thinking behind the creation of the award-winning outdoor toilet at Trangie Caravan Park near Dubbo in New South Wales. The al fresco facility, also known as the ‘Dump Point’ has just scooped a ‘highly commended’ in the quirkiest experience category of the 2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards.

The awards, created and given out by, aim to demonstrate that innovative, clean toilets with great design can help enhance the tourism economy of a town, city or country.

The Narromine News reports that Trangie’s Andrew Cayzer was ‘pleasantly surprised’ to be recognised.

“When I entered, it was really a bit of a joke … a bit of tongue in cheek to get us in there,” Mr Cayzer told the newspaper.  “Regularly I’ll come around the corner and people will be sitting on the toilet and having their photo taken!”

Mr Cayzer said the toilet came about for those stopping in the caravan park to dispose of waste from cartridges in their caravans. He said installing the toilet was a solution to the point becoming blocked and an alternative for the town, which has no plumber.

“We are travellers ourselves we know that a lot of places you go to the actual dump point is blocked because … some grey nomads in caravan parks aren’t quite so steady on their feet, so they might drop the lid of their cartridge down the hole and of course it blocks it,” Mr Cayzer told the Narromine News. “I spoke to the plumber and we decided to put in a an actual toilet so if someone accidentally drops their false teeth or anything in there, it can’t go down the bend … it’s just really to save me having to call a plumber.”

  • Have you enjoyed the facilities at Trangie? What is the most memorable toilet you have enjoyed on your travels? Comment below.


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