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aurochute flies

Up, up and away with a high-flying grey nomad

Solo grey nomad Jeff C reckons he travels with the ultimate campsite conversation starter … his very own two-seat aircraft! The ‘aerochute’ –... Read more

Salt and drop toilets

Cutting down on salt can cut toilet trip ‘nightmares’

No one likes having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet … and no one dislikes... Read more

Cyclone Debbie is expected to cause significant destruction.

Caravan parks empty as Cyclone Debbie closes in

Grey nomads and other tourists are joining the mass exodus of people in the areas of north Queensland expected to be battered by... Read more

A researcher uses a Zebedee laser scanner to create 3D images of the dinosaur trackways. PIC: Erin Parke/ABC

Should tourists be free to follow dinosaur footsteps?

A new research project will map for the first time the thousands of dinosaur footprints that have been found along Australia’s west coast... Read more

A Victorian police crackdown on drug drivers yielded some alarming reuslts

Police crackdown reveals scary truckie ‘drug culture’

A police blitz this week on truck and other heavy vehicle drivers in Victoria has thrown up some results that will alarm grey... Read more

fruit fly

Grey nomads ‘suspects’ in scary spread of fruit fly

Grey nomads have been identified as ‘prime suspects’ as the battle to halt the spread of a debilitating fruit fly outbreak grows more... Read more

Big Lap

Should you do a Little Lap before doing the Big Lap?

Just as many Australians seem eager to explore the rest of the world way before they have fully explored their own country, some... Read more

Caravan towing course

Huge new caravan towing course facility to open

As the popularity of caravanning continues to grow, so too – tragically – do the numbers of terrible accidents involving caravans. With every... Read more

Goulburn River, Syemour

Free camp litter sparks river health concerns

The poor behaviour of some campers could be threatening the long-term viability of another popular free camping area. The mess left by people... Read more

No one was injured in the caravan accident on the Tasman Highway. PIC: Richard Jupe/The Mercury

No injuries in highway accident involving caravan

No one has been injured in an accident involving a 4WD vehicle and a caravan on the Tasman Highway on Hobart’s Eastern Shore. The exact... Read more

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