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Leaf springs break in caravan

Broken spring ends big trip before it had even begun

If you’re going to suffer a caravan ‘malfunction’, the driveway of your home is as good a place as any for it to... Read more

Grey nomads face caravan choices

‘Living the dream’ involves making some hard choices

Even after a lifetime of making decisions about work, housing, family, and finances, most grey nomads still find taking the Big Lap leap... Read more

Christmas tree vandalism

Festive sneer! Van park vandals destroy Xmas tree

Sadly, mindless vandalism is becoming a common problem at caravan parks, camping areas, and beauty spots up and down the country. Seeing the... Read more

Indian Ocean Drive crash

Three killed in horror crash on Indian Ocean Drive

Three people – including two Chinese tourists – have been killed in a horror accident on Western Australia’s Indian Ocean Drive. Police say... Read more

White Cliffs dugout may be perfect for grey nomads

Looking for a cheap home base? How about a cave?

It may not have great street appeal but, for budget-conscious grey nomads looking for an affordable home base, a  ‘partially developed’ dugout  in... Read more

Grey nomads and Outback dunnies

Are high-tech toilets set to replace our dank dunnies?

While many grey nomads love the ‘romance’ of the often basic toilets on offer alongside this country’s highways and byways, most would admit... Read more

nose-to-tail accident

Revealed … the states with the worst driving habits!

Grey nomads who hate being tailgated by other drivers may want to think twice about how long they spend in Victoria, following the... Read more

Grey nomad free camping under fire

Will free camping tradition be gone with the wind?

It’s an issue that has been simmering for decades but is now really starting to boil over … and the signs aren’t necessarily... Read more

Grey nomad karma of the open road

Nomads paying it forward … Karma on the Big Lap

It is no secret that grey nomads are a friendly and helpful bunch, but is there a pattern to apparently disconnected incidents on... Read more

Amazing drives in WA for grey nomads

Best beach? Best drive? Best camp? Arguing is fun!

While it’s a near impossible task to get anything approaching a consensus on such burning questions as ‘where is Australia’s best beach?’ or... Read more

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