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national park vandalism

Destruction & disrespect! What is wrong with people

The longer grey nomads travel, the more they tend to appreciate the stunning natural beauty and diversity of this incredible land, and the... Read more

Illegal camper banned from Spit

Free camper at Spit banned … but avoids $48,000 fine!

The man charged with trespass after camping illegally at the Gold Coast’s Spit has been banned for life from the beachside location …... Read more

visitor information centres

Visitor Information Centres going the way of the dodo?

As travellers access increasing amounts of information online, the role of the traditional Visitor Information Centre is being challenged. In Victoria, for example,... Read more

Campervan acccident

Highway three-point turn goes wrong for campervan

A bizarre accident involving a hired campervan has left a group of four overseas tourists extremely red faced but, thankfully uninjured. The driver... Read more

Gerroa caravan park

Man hospitalised as fire sweeps through van park

A man has been taken to hospital after a terrifying fire at a caravan park in Gerroa on the New South Wales south... Read more

WA roadhouse

End of the road … another iconic ‘stop’ bites the dust

As veteran grey nomads endlessly criss-cross the country on yet another big trip, or perhaps an endless one, favourite destinations and stopping points... Read more

Chickens run riot at van park

Invasion of the chooks! 300 hens wreak van park chaos

During the course of their around-Australia adventures, grey nomads might expect to find their camping area to be invaded by everything from goannas... Read more

Esperance coastline litter

Scourge of campsite litter means trouble in paradise

The blame for the vast quantities of rubbish being left behind along the Esperance and Nullarbor coastlines is being laid squarely at the... Read more

Julia Creek free camping

Grey nomad love affair with Julia Creek camp deepens

While the pros and cons of free and cut-price camping areas continue to be the subject of fierce debate in many rural communities,... Read more

Grey nomad free camping

What a load of rubbish! Litter threat to free camps

With widespread littering continue to rear its ugly head in so many ‘pristine’ wilderness, the ominous spectre of further free camping restrictions is... Read more

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