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Bogged men rescued after five horrific nights

Two men have been rescued after spending five horrific days stranded in remote crocodile-infested country after their ute became bogged. Charlie Williams, 19,... Read more

Pearl the white crocodile

Adult white croc causes tourism stir in the NT

The sighting of a highly unusual mature white crocodile in the Northern Territory has got authorities there excited about the tourism potential. The... Read more

Frog watch

Nice weather for the frogs … and for the froggers!

The unexpectedly heavy rain that has fallen across large parts of central Australia has already had major impact on the flora and fauna.... Read more

Yalwal camping area

Free camping area shuts following poor behaviour

Another free camping area in New South Wales is to be closed due to the poor behaviour of those visiting the scenic spot.... Read more

Gold prospecting for grey nomads

Monster gold nugget found in Charters Towers region

Grey nomad gold prospectors everywhere have been given a surge of hope following news that a monster nugget has been unearthed in north... Read more

rollover escape

‘Don’t swerve violently to avoid hitting wildlife’

An horrific accident on the Carnarvon Highway in Queensland has once again highlighted the dangers of swerving to avoid wandering wildlife. A 46-year-old... Read more

water quality

‘Drinking this water is like drinking a swimming pool’

As grey nomads travel into remote parts of the country, the quality of drinking water they fill up their tanks with continues to... Read more

Grey nomads

Is it time for an official ‘Grey Nomad Wave Day’?

When veteran grey nomads muse that the camaraderie of the open road isn’t what it once was, they commonly point to the decline... Read more

Paul Bruty accident

‘I suffered horrific injuries, but I count my blessings’

Back in 2007, when Paul Bruty was involved in an horrific workplace accident which left him with full thickness burns to more than... Read more

rest area Ballina

Camping in rest areas … what should the rules be?

It may not be the quietest place to spend the night and its days may be numbered, but a rest area on the... Read more

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