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Grey nomads outback way

Outback Way dream still lives … but it’s not cheap

The cost of completing the sealing of long awaited Outback Way between Winton in Queensland and Laverton in WA has been estimated at... Read more

Grey nomads caravan

Still too many passengers, still not enough sailings

Following unprecedented demand for sailings across the Bass Strait has, it has been announced that two extra day sailings will be added to... Read more

Ravensthorpe floods

Plight of campers trapped by floods a warning to all

The plight of a group of campers trapped by floodwaters on Western Australia’s south coast should serve as a reminder to all grey... Read more

Grey nomads caravan parks and feral pigs

Feral pigs causing chaos at farms … and campsites

Australia’s feral pig population is continuing to grow rapidly, and large numbers of them are popping up in areas where they have never... Read more

Grey nomads face drowsy driver test.

‘Give me the keys. You’ve had one too many blinks!’

A new roadside test is being developed that could help police identify drivers who are too tired to drive and keep them from... Read more

Campervan explodes as grey nomad injured

Motorhomer in hospital as gas blunder blows rig apart

While this horrific motorhome explosion happened in New Zealand, the lessons to be learnt should resonate with grey nomads in Australia and elsewhere.... Read more

Flooding in WA and NT

Flood-scarred road system in need of urgent repair

The unrelenting heavy rains that have hammered parts of the country have caused massive damage to road and related infrastructure, and road users... Read more

Grey nomads and caravan fire

Caravan totally destroyed in rural property blaze

A caravan has been completely destroyed in a fire at Bilambil in northern New South Wales. No one is believed to have been... Read more

Cyclone Alfred

Gulf Country cyclone alert as Alfred threat emerges

Grey nomads in Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria are being warned to batten down the hatches with a high chance that a cyclone will... Read more

Night scares for grey nomads

‘Night-time jitters have me counting down until dawn’

After five years full-time on the road time – most of it camping on her own in remote bush locations – solo traveller,... Read more

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