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Strzelecki Track litter problem out of control

How did we get to this? Rubbish ruins the Outback

Most grey nomads are well aware that the blight of litter can affect even the remotest of Outback spots, but the scale of... Read more

Grey nomads look to stop food thieves

Grey nomads set to stare down food-stealing wildlife

When you’re travelling on a budget, food theft is no laughing matter. From goannas lumbering through campsites, to possums rummaging around in annexes,... Read more

Grey nomads at Wandoan Showgrounds

Grey nomads having a ball on the volunteering trail

Many grey nomads choose to volunteer at community events as they travel and, more often than not, they find the experience to be... Read more

Crocodile in Townsville caravan park lake

Trap set as three-metre croc seen in van park lake

A trap has been set for three-metre crocodile which has been seen in a lake at a popular caravan park near Townsville. Two... Read more

Caravan storage on public streets

‘Storing’ RVs on the street … should it be allowed?

As residential blocks get smaller and smaller, the issue of where to keep the caravan when it’s not out on the open road... Read more

Gundagai dock on the tuckerbox

Dog on tuckerbox statue bark where it belongs

The New South Wales town of Gundagai has thrown a party to welcome back its much-loved Dog on the Tuckerbox statue. The dog’s... Read more

campervan murder

Man charged over murder of campervan tourist in NZ

New Zealand police have charged a 23-year-old man with murder after an Australian campervan tourist was shot dead on the west coast of... Read more

New Zealand campervan shooting shock

Campervan tourist shot and killed in New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand is viewed as seen as an extremely safe place to travel in, which is why the shooting death of... Read more

national park camping fees

Is it time for a re-think on national park camp fees?

It will come as no surprise to most grey nomads that the Victorian Government’s decision to slash camping fees has caused an immediate... Read more

Grey nomads with holiday brain at risk of theft

Is ‘holiday brain’ making you a target for thieves?

Grey nomads are being warned not to let their ‘holiday brain’ ruin their Big Lap adventures and to stay vigilant against the threat... Read more

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