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caravan storage yard for grey nomads

‘Where can we store rigs when not on the road?’

For many grey nomads who are not on the road full-time, finding a place to store their rig during their ‘off-season’ is becoming... Read more

Julia Creek flooding

‘Please don’t bypass our flood-ravaged community’

After spending so much time dreaming of a good rain, communities in flood-stricken parts of Queensland are now left counting the heavy cost... Read more

Townsville damage

Townsville flood damage could hit tourist trade

The flood disaster which caused widespread destruction in the north Queensland city of Townsville has raised fears about the economic impact on the... Read more

Eyre Peninsula

Big upgrades planned for Eyre Peninsula campsites

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is one of the state’s most iconic destinations and one normally enjoyed by grey nomads either just before or... Read more

Grey nomads free camping in Tassie

New question mark over free camping in Tassie

New rules handed down by the Tasmanian Government could see councils around the state reconsidering their free camping offerings. After a long and... Read more

Big Pineapple plans

Not bigger … but better! Fibreglass fruit fights back

The Big Things craze that swept Australia in the 1980’s may have calmed down a little, but many of the more iconic objects... Read more

Darwin caravan park

Should Darwin do more to welcome grey nomads?

It’s a grand plan that may never come to fruition, but the fact that the old Darwin Hospital site is even being talked... Read more

Stockton beach camping

Camping to be allowed again at Stockton Beach

Many local authorities have been struggling in recent years with the challenge of deciding where to allow camping and where to ban it... Read more

long distance cycle

Living the dream … by cycling the Nullarbor

Most grey nomads will have, at some time or other, passed an intrepid long-distance cyclist in an extremely remote location, and wondered the... Read more

Grey nomads

Finding the fountain of youth on the open road

There’s an old adage that says ‘you’re only as old as you feel’, and there’s certainly something about the grey nomad lifestyle that... Read more

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