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caravan crash

Two dead and two hurt in caravan rollover horror

Two people have been killed and two others airlifted to hospital after a car towing a caravan rolled on the Oxley Highway about... Read more

grey nomads

New free camping area to bring nomads to Manilla

The New Year will see a new free camping site open up in the New South Wales town of Manilla, about 45 kilometres... Read more

happy new year grey nomads

Happy New Year to all grey nomads and their families

A very happy New Year to all grey nomads … and best wishes for a happy, adventurous and fun-filled 2019! The past year... Read more

Merry christmas to grey nomads

A very merry Christmas to grey nomads everywhere

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all grey nomads and their families. We hope you have all found a fantastic... Read more

shower nudists

Nudes flash … free camp showers set to shut down

The showers at a cluster of free camps north of Townsville look set to be disabled … because of nude showering! The Townsville... Read more

Zone RV carbon fibre caravan

Are carbon fibre caravans the way of the future?

With grey nomads and other caravanners constantly looking for ways to reduce the weight of their rigs while not compromising on strength, some... Read more

Flinders Ranges for grey nomads

And the winner is … the Flinders voted SA’s best

While everyone had different preferences when it comes to travel destinations, it’s always interesting to hear what other people’s favourite spots are. A... Read more

Branch out and see a tree change on your Big Lap

A quintessential part of Australia is the Eucalypt tree. But did you know there may be over 700 species of Eucalypt in Australia?... Read more

Leaf springs break in caravan

Broken spring ends big trip before it had even begun

If you’re going to suffer a caravan ‘malfunction’, the driveway of your home is as good a place as any for it to... Read more

Grey nomads face caravan choices

‘Living the dream’ involves making some hard choices

Even after a lifetime of making decisions about work, housing, family, and finances, most grey nomads still find taking the Big Lap leap... Read more

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