Grey nomads join rush to cross into Queensland

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Grey nomads - other than those who have recently been in Victoria - will be free to enter Queensland.

With the Queensland borders opening up today to everyone but Victorians or those who have been in the Garden State in the past 14 days, a massive flood of travellers heading north is expected to cause widespread delays.

The ABC reports that a huge line up of campers have gathered at multiple border crossings to get into Queensland.

It says they have been gathering for weeks, with towns like Bourke and Lightning Ridge in western NSW overwhelmed by campers heading north to the Sunshine state.

Queensland police Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said 238,000 border declaration passes – which are only valid for seven days – had been filled out.

“That indicates to us that over 238,000 are intending to come to Queensland in the next week,” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said. “That will mean that we will see congestion and delays, so please be patient with us and we’ll work through it … we can only process so many vehicles and so many people at any given time.”

As well as filling out a Queensland border declaration form, travellers will be required to provide any necessary documentation to prove they have not been in Victoria over the past 14 days.

Non-residents who have been in Victoria in the past 14 days have been banned from entering the state and will be turned around at the border.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says there are likely to be ‘lengthy delays’ and has asked holidaymakers to carefully consider their plans.

“There will be delays at our borders because we are going to get this right,” she said. “I’ve asked people to think about the way in which they plan their holidays or their trips and that they actually think about not going at the peak times and spreading it over a number of days.”

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6 Responses to Grey nomads join rush to cross into Queensland

  1. We are Victorians and have been in NSW for 6 weeks, we haven’t been in Victoria at all. Can I get into Queensland? Anyone 100% know the answer?

    • Yes you can, providing you can prove it, e.g. with receipts for fuel, food, accommodation etc that show that you have been in NSW for the last 14 days.

    • What is on the news today the answer is no Victorians to cross the border at all

    • You will need to prove you have been in NSW for that time. Be better if you just stay home. We don’t want any outbreaks in QLD country towns!

  2. We are QLD residents and have been in Cobar for the past 6 months and we are planning to return homes in the next few weeks. Do we need to fill out a border pass

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