UK, US & German campers join nomads on the road

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USA camping
More Americans are discovering the joys of camping in Australia

While the vast majority of grey nomads travelling this wide brown live in this country, new data from Tourism Research Australia shows the locals are increasingly being joined on the road by overseas visitors.

The latest figures show more than ever visitors from Europe and the USA are exploring beyond our cities and are caravanning and camping in regional areas throughout the country.

More than 377,000 international visitors chose to take a caravan and camping holiday within the past 12 months. This figure marks a significant increase of 13% from the previous year with growth 4% higher than the national visitor economy recorded at 9%. International caravan and camping nights were also positive for the year ending June 2017, growing by 2% to reach 5.1 million.

Overall the caravan and camping industry’s core international markets continued to grow strongly with increased visitors from most of the sector’s traditional markets particularly countries such as UK (62,705 visitors), Germany (55,844 visitors) and USA (38,069 visitors), with solid growth of 4%, 6%, and 23% respectively from the previous year.

The sector’s emerging Chinese segment, although reporting from a small base rate, continues to emphasise their future importance to Australia’s caravan and camping industry with the market doubling in size to reach over 11,000 visitors which is a significant 63% growth from the previous year.  This is on the back of growing demand from this market for free independent travel (FIT) as visitors seek new and unique Australian experiences.

“The significant and robust growth in Australia’s international caravan and camping markets highlights the immense value that this market has for the tourism economy, the industry and the regional communities in which they visit,” said Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont.

The caravan and camping industry has stated that it wants to double international visitors nights by  2025.

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One Response to UK, US & German campers join nomads on the road

  1. All great – the tourists experience Oz and we reap the financial rewards. But, having said that, it all depends on visitors understanding the distances in our “vast timeless land” and then driving to the prevailing road conditions.

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