New caravan park to be built on Fraser Coast

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Pier Caravan Park
A 3D image of what the Pier Caravan Park will look like. PIC: Contributed/Fraser Coast Chronicle

In an era when caravan parks near the water appear to be closing with frightening regularity, it’s encouraging to see that some new ones are still being developed … even if they may be targeted more at the family market than grey nomads.

Earlier this month, approval was given for a new park at Hervey Bay on the Queensland’s Fraser Coast, which is expected would create more than 100 local jobs and bring a significant economic boost.

The caravan park on Pilot St in Urangan will offer easy beach access, is a close distance to the marina, will be fenced for security, and offers a pool, barbecue, and camp kitchen. The Fraser Coast Chronicle say the space is also within walking distance to nearby hotels, cafes and markets, and guests will have access to a minimum of one car park space per cabin or caravan site.

“It’s going to be great for the region especially for the shops and the restaurants,” said local councillor, Denis Chapman. “One thing it’s going to do is bring people to the pubs across the road because people will go to it … this, in turn, will mean businesses will need to bring in more employees to manage customers.”

The Chronicle reports that prior to the latest development, the land once had a Caltex Fuel Station for ships which docked. In order to start construction on the site, the area had to be decontaminated.

The development, which has an unknown total cost, is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

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12 Responses to New caravan park to be built on Fraser Coast

  1. The price of a site near water is way out of our reach so makes no difference to us, I hear people say that $70 a night is cheap. Living full time on the road paying these prices would put a end to travelling. Paying just $30 a night adds up to over $10,000 for a year.

    • I agree, my husband and I travel but find $70 a night is out of our reach. This site seems to be aiming at the much better off traveller, not the retired living on their pension.

  2. I bet they will charge like wounded bulls.

  3. Great always stay in Hervey Bay good to have more choice

  4. Hope they allow small dogs

  5. Hope they allow dogs. I don’t understand why it should be only small dogs.

    • agree-small dogs can be far noisier than big dogs. Big 4 in Forbes now has a small dog park in its grounds with enclosures next to the dog friendly cabins.

  6. It’ll probably be as expensive as the other van parks already there and probably not pet friendly, again like the other parks in the area. Hervey Bay need to get their act together better. Again they are targeting the tourists and not the nomads. Thank goodness there are still affordable parks on the Fraser Coast, just not necessarily on the waterfront.

  7. it would be good if they limited the time of staying so that passing vans get a better chance of staying

    • Why should there be a limit. Are you the one that whined about people from down south filling up the parks in Broome and not leaving any sites for the travelers. I go to Broome for up to 3 months a year and spend $ 600 per week there. I know who the parks would rather have.

  8. is the park open yet

  9. The prices for the new caravan park are not to bad at all. I have family staying there at the moment and they are only paying $37.50 per night.
    Not sure if they allow pets or not.

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