Pop-up caravan park plan for Darwin is rejected

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Darwin caravan parks
Darwin has a lot of things going for it ... but an abundance of affordable caravan parks isn't one of them.

An ambitious plan to create a pop-up caravan park in Darwin to attract more grey nomads in the dry season has been rejected by the Northern Territory Government.

The NT News reports that local businesswoman, Anne Clifford, had proposed the Old Darwin Hospital site in Larrakeyah would be an ideal location and may have enticed in travellers who currently avoid the area due to site shortages and expensive rates.

Tourism Minister Lauren Moss declined the proposal, citing several reasons including the installation of a power and water supply and other infrastructure, which were beyond the NT Government’s budget.

Ms Clifford, however, told the NT News that she had made it clear in her proposal the infrastructure was not necessary as the pop-up site would only host self-sufficient vehicles.

She said the pop-up park could have injected about $8 million into the economy, and that it was an opportunity wasted.

“Darwin city is really hurting and we need anything to bring money in,” she told the NT News. “They won’t give us a chance to explain. They’ve missed the point, to bring money into Darwin city, and missed an opportunity to show they’re doing something.”

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12 Responses to Pop-up caravan park plan for Darwin is rejected

  1. Silly silly.
    Visitors = boost to the economy

  2. Cut price camping/ caravan sites would get me to Darwin, but the lack of them means I will not travel to the NT. I will keep my dollars in QLD.

  3. Its not the price as much, it is expected, more the point that you cant get in, even harder with a Dog, our Dog not welcome we don’t go. after 4 years of trying we finally got a place to stay this year.

    • Hi Sarby, we are intending to go on a road trip to Darwin early May and I was wondering which caravan park you’re referring to that has allowed your dog in to it.

      • Sorry about the wrong spelling of your name Sarbi.

  4. Once again short sighted councils show their ignorance of grey nomads

  5. N.T. lack appropriate accommodation for bigger rigs. Two caravan parks could not even accommodate me in the dry season. Prices range from $35 a nite wet to $50 a nite dry. season. You cant afford to stay in Darwin for long. One Dump point at the Greyhound track. You are behind the times Darwin.

  6. $10 night for self contained vehicle and allow small dog and we would be there for sure.

  7. As you probably know my therary is “”Let the Market force decide””

    THE LOSS OF m$8 A YEAR. Equals something like $150,000 a week.
    Boy it is a wonder that the business house in Darwin should be up in arms. ( Of course the local C.Parks would be happy.)

    Here is the problem :- Bureaucracy has a bad reputation because it has come to mean an organization or government that is chin-deep in red tape and unnecessary procedures.

  8. Hit the nail on the head John Rodgers. Spent a lot of my working life trying to figure beaurocratic decisions that were made by people that had no idea of the reality on the ground.

  9. She’s onto it!!! Darwin desperately needs this!!

  10. Darwin hasn’t got the budget??? NO BUDGET REQUIRED you silly people. We are self-contained and the $$$’s we would contribute to your economy; then you would have some budget! Not rocket-science, is it? Last time in Darwin we stayed in a caravan Park for 8 days during which our motorhome needed some extensive/expensive repairs. See, we do contribute!

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