Grey nomads rocked as earthquake hits Kimberley

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Broome earthquake
Items flew off the shelf in a store in a Broome shopping centre. PIC: Dylan Storer/New Daily

Grey nomads enjoying the dry season in Broome and in other parts of the Kimberley have been rocked by an earthquake.

Media reports say caravans were left rocking as the 6.5 magnitude quake hit in the Indian Ocean between Broome and Port Hedland early this afternoon.

The tremors were felt across large parts of Western Australia.

The United States Geological Survey agency said the quake hit at a depth of 33 kilometres, about 203 kilometres offshore.

Phil Barnes, who is holidaying at Broome’s Gateway Caravan Park in Broome, told the New Daily that he saw his friend’s car moving up and down as the earth shook.

“Then the caravans started rocking,” he said.

One man in Port Hedland described the moment he experienced the tremor.

“I looked at the daughter and bolted outside in case the roof fell in,” he tweeted.

In Derby, Jody Gaunt was having a beer with friends when she felt the quake.

“We were sitting outside and our chairs were rocking,” she said. “The trees stopped moving and the breeze stopped blowing … we were thinking, ‘Is this real or not real’?”

There is no threat of a tsunami to the Australian mainland, islands or territories, the weather bureau stated.

There are so far no reports of injuries but several buildings reportedly suffered minor damage.

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