Tourists welcome to visit regional NSW from June 1

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Regional NSW open to grey nomads
Next stop, regional New South Wales?

In a surprise decision, New South Wales has announced that regional tourism is on again across the state from June 1.

It comes after a sustained dip in the number of new cases being reported.

Two months ago, the state was buckling under 200-plus daily cases but the picture today is far brighter.

“In March my message was strong and that was to stay away and help us protect our regions and … stop the spread,” said NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro. “I said back in March that you weren’t welcome and we’ll see you around Christmas, well Christmas has come early.

While the announcement is obviously very good news for grounded grey nomads in New South Wales, Premier Gladys Berejiklian extended the invitation to those from out of state, as well.

She said removing the non-essential travel ban was ‘great news’ and that NSW was ‘always open to welcome people from other states’.

“We intend to keep our borders open,” she said. “We think that’s best for New South Wales but also best for Australia.”

With its tourism industry already suffering from the effects of the bushfires, the economic impacts of the pandemic restrictions have been devastating for regional New South Wales. Under current NSW public health orders, regional travel for holidays is banned.

Mr Barilaro said he hoped tourism operators in regional NSW would notice a positive increase in business by the July school holidays.

“It’ll be a slow start,” he said. “No one is going to be rushing out the doors on June 1.”

New South Wales reported four new cases of coronavirus overnight, with all infections coming from people returning from overseas.

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9 Responses to Tourists welcome to visit regional NSW from June 1

  1. I will be rushing out on June the 1st, am going bicycle camping very soon and will do as big a trip as I can do from the 1st of June.

  2. Not sure that I’m too confident in travelling around NSW but if QLD opened its borders too I’d be gone in a flash.

  3. Does that mean we can travel from victoria and stay a few nights in our van.

  4. Can’t wait to head out to our regional area’s and also the south coast …

  5. Does anyone know if the National Parks are open for camping?

  6. At last a state that understands what needs to happen to get the country up and running. Whilst i won’t be hooking up the van on June 1 and heading off across NSW i will be interested in watching for a little while to ensure that we do not have a lot of idiots getting out there and not observing the social distancing and hygiene standards that should be kept in place. The last thing we need to do is to all hit the road and a second wave hit and we be stranded in the middle of nowhere with all amenities in sudden lock down. However after a period of time if there are no spikes then i can guarantee i will be out there with everyone else. To those that take up this opportunity safe travel and enjoy.

    • Well said. I keep hearing various health gurus around the world telling us that we are going to have to live with the virus till a vaccine is developed, so it’s obviously not going away anytime soon. So I find it interesting that WA for example has said they won’t reopen borders till there is zero cases in the east – I don’t know that that will ever happen. Same goes with QLD borders. It’s bad for our economy to stay closed, perhaps for the next couple of years till a vaccine appears! I don’t see how our country could manage that way.

  7. Think I will wait a few more months.

    Keeping myself busy by building a new garage for our caravan at the moment.

  8. I’m waiting a bit too…
    As keen as I am to get back out there, as a full timer with an autoimmune condition, and as others have stated, I want to be sure we won’t see a repeat once restrictions are eased and end up stuck somewhere remote. I’d planned to have completed my big lap by August and had booked into a caravan park close to the Victorian ski fields for a month in August to cap it all off before all this happened. I may still do that and get some ski time in (minus the top part of my “lap” that was supposed to precede it!)

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