Katherine monster croc caught after 10-year hunt

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Grey nomads crocodile in Katherine
Rangers caught two saltwater crocodiles in Katherine, including one 4.71 metre monster. PIC: NT Parks and Wildlife Service.

After 10 years of trying, park rangers in the Northern Territory have finally captured Katherine River’s biggest croc — weighing in at a whopping 600 kilograms and measuring 4.71 metres long.

NT Parks and Wildlife rangers Chris Heydon and John Burke told the Sydney Morning Herald that it was very unusual to capture a croc so big in the Katherine River system.

“We average a 4.2-metre croc most years, but never this big,” Mr Burke said. “Although this is the biggest we’ve caught in the Katherine River, there are bigger ones out there that come up from the Daly River.”

In the NT inland waters, a five-metre saltwater crocodile is considered to be rare. The monster reptile will now be taken to a croc farm in the Katherine region. The male croc could be more than 60 years old, but was not as difficult to trap.

“When they are this big we just sedate them, so there is no chance of us getting chomped,” Mr Heydon told the SMH.

The newspaper reports that croc captures are not unusual in the Top End, with seven crocodiles pulled from the river earlier this year, including two large saltwater crocs — 3.92 metres and 3.97 metres. There was even a larger find in Darwin, when rangers were called to capture a 4.7m croc from the city’s harbour.

Across the NT, there have been 188 saltwater crocodiles captured so far this year while 370 were captured in 2017.

The NT Parks and Wildlife are reminding the community to ‘be crocwise’, urging both locals and travellers not to become complacent as the ‘croc danger is real’.

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  1. Yep “the croc danger is real”! That’s one hell of a lot of snappy handbags!

  2. WOW !!!

  3. used to swim in there in the 80’s

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