Is ‘Scooter Boy’ Australia’s most unusual traveller?

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Scooter Boy on the road
Grey nomads tend to remember if they have seen Scooter Boy or not! PIC: David Sheppard/Alice Springs News 

The longer grey nomads are on the open road, the more they become used to pretty unusual sights … and pretty unusual people.

But even those veteran travellers who have become used to passing weather-beaten long-distance cyclists on the Nullarbor, or determined-looking charity walkers on a lonely stretch of rural highway, will surely still find the sight of the man dubbed ‘Scooter Boy’ a startling one.

Frenchman Charly Guyetand has been turning heads along the Stuart Highway ever since he began his epic journey from Adelaide to Darwin – on a kid’s scooter.

With temperatures soaring to around 40 degrees and towing a super lightweight camping trailer, 29-year-old Charly – who is raising money for the Swiss charity, Running Together – has been drawing plenty of attention from fellow adventurers.

British tourist David Sheppard told the Alice Springs News that he met the out-of-work actor at the bridge over the Finke River in the Northern Territory.

“The local truck drivers help out with a few luxury items like water,” said Mr Sheppard. “And we helped him out to some cheese and English corned beef and water … and he likes Vegemite!”

Scooter Boy apparently scoots between 30 and 50 kilometres a day, depending on the heat.

“Brendan Heenan at the Big 4 Caravan Park in Alice Springs said he would give him the freedom of the park to gird himself up for the next leg,” Mr Sheppard told the Alice Springs News.   “I think there should be a civic reception no less.”

  • Have you seen ‘Scooter Boy’ on your travels? Where? What has been the most unusual person you have come across? Comment below.
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5 Responses to Is ‘Scooter Boy’ Australia’s most unusual traveller?

  1. Haven’t seen Scooter Boy but did meet ScoMo while staying at Talbingo Caravan Park – it was quite unexpected.

    • You have my deepest sympathies. How credible is a PM who gives himself the nickname ScoMo.

  2. Good on him. A trip full of adventure.

  3. Have not seen scooter boy as yet, however saw and camped with Sofia at penguin in Tasmania in 2017, she was skateboarding around Tassie towing another sskateboard with her tent and gear on it, as they say wait for it but there is more! She was 5 months pregnant at the time, she told me that the day she was going up “Elephant Pass” she was 3/4 the way upwhen the police were travelling up it, stopped and picked her and her gear up and gave her a lift the rest of the way up.This girl was from Brisbane her husband was still in Brisbane and was following her by phone each evening, the main lLaunceston radio station shock jock interviewed her just before she returned to Australia this has been our most extra ordinary sight out in the playground since 1994.

  4. On our travels we met an Italian couple in Mt Isa travelling on a tandem bicycle from Brisbane to Darwin. I explained what to expect on the Barkly Highway, the absence of any trees, hundreds of kilometres between service stops and no water anywhere but they weren’t worried. They had started their journey from Italy peddled across to western China and across China. Then to NZ to peddle the length of NZ and finally catching a plane to Brisbane. Such an amazing couple with so many interesting stories to tell. We could not believe as we were going to the Markets in Darwin there they were happily peddling along. Stopped and had a chat and they told us they were catching the plane home tomorrow. If in my wildest dreams I dreamt of doing that I would want the back seat.

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