NSW man dies after being bitten by brown snake

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Brown snake scare for grey nomads
Brown snake venom is among the most potent in the world. PIC: Australian Reptile Park

A man has died from a suspected brown snake bite in Tamworth in north-east New South Wales.

Fairfax Media reports that the 24-year-old was rushed to hospital but died within an hour of being bitten on the finger in his back yard on Wednesday night.

It is believed the man noticed his dog had picked up a snake in its mouth and, when he grabbed it, was bitten hard on the hand. The Australian reports that the snake had been hissing in distress at the time.

The newspaper understands the man ran to show the snake to his mother, and told her: “Mum, look what bit me!”

It is then reported that the mother put the snake into a coffee jar and frantically took her son to Tamworth hospital, where he died 40 minutes later.

A spokesman for NSW Police said officers took control of the snake but were unable to kill it as brown snakes are considered an endangered species. The snake was taken to a local vet.

Brown snake venom is among the most potent in the world. According to the University of Melbourne, the reptile is responsible for more than 60% of snakebite deaths in Australia,

A report will be prepared for the coroner.

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6 Responses to NSW man dies after being bitten by brown snake

  1. How ridiculous a snake can kill a human we aren’t a protected species. Yet a human cannot kill the snake that could even kill the vet if it bit him

    • Stupidest comment ever!

    • I live in Tamworth also and the same day my husband found a brown snake in the garden. I am still very wary but this news has upset me even more.

  2. I think Australia needs to do some hard thinking about snakes and cull them too many getting about

  3. My long handle camp shovel is honed to a fine point.So much, I can shave the hair on the top my feet.
    Some like to wittle timber. I like to hone my shovel so.

  4. mmm so dog has has a snake…and person grabs snake…snake bites person…person runs to mother…mother drives to hospital…and people want to talk about whether or not the snake should be killed…mmm
    So…where do I start: , 1. we know that people should not grab snakes…you run a high risk of being bitten.
    2. If you are bitten, don’t run, ever. 3. Immediately apply lifesaving first aid, a pressure immobilistion bandage…adn call an ambulance. 4. Do not try and catch the snake to go with the victim to hospital, having the snake will make no difference to the treatment at hospital…and if first aid is correct, antivenom may not even be needed, and in fact antivenom can itself be life-threatening, so doctors use a venom identification kit,and knowing or identifying the snake makes no difference at all. ..without all the facts its difficult to comment with any certainty…but a pressure immobilisation bandage works and can save lives, and if good first aid, early ambulance care and appropriate transport to hospital …and there is a very very good chance that the outcome may have been different. Consider all snakes as venomous, as even green colored snakes can in fact be a brown snake, and treat all bits as potentially an antivenom, as even a snake “scratch” can be fatal…not all snake bites appear as “classic” two puncture bites.

    Leave snakes alone and apply good first aid!

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