Motorhome snobs spark war of words in Sydney

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Motorhome snobbery Mosman
Motorhome snobbery is alive and well and living in Mosman. PIC: Dannielle Miller/Twitter

A severe case of motorhome snobbery has sparked uproar in the upmarket Sydney suburb of Mosman.

A grey nomad couple had parked their Winnebago vehicle on the street for a few days while they packed for their latest around-Australia adventure when an anonymous local took offence.

A disgruntled resident left a note on the windscreen telling the owner of the campervan it was an “embarrassment”.

The note reads: “Attention. Could you please move this piece of s*** off our road. It’s an embarrassment to residents.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that another local then

motorhome snobs

The war of words quickly escalated. PIC: Dannielle Miller/Twitter

jumped to the defence of the campervan owners with a letter of their own.

The response reads:

“This vehicle may not be pretty, but what is certainly ugly are the comments attached to it and the insanely arrogant idea that there is some sort of aesthetic standard vehicles must reach before they may be parked on this street.”

Dannielle Miller photographed the expanding note exchange and posted them to Twitter, commenting “This is peak Mosman”.

Eventually, the motorhome owners joined in the written exchange posting a response under their own windshield wiper.

“We could have explained that we are parked


Are these the final words on the matter? PIC: Dannielle Miller/Twitter

temporarily while we pack and ready ourselves for a trip around Australia this year,” they wrote. “Ironically we were going to leave on our trip this morning however we have put our trip back a few days so we could attend the scattering of ashes for a close friend. Perhaps it may take another day so we can clean off the mess you have made”.

The note finishes:

“We understand that our Winnie is a large eyesore and apologise for any embarrassment it has caused you. However, in future, please think of a more polite way to express your ‘embarrassment’ and use a friendlier way to attach your message.”

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13 Responses to Motorhome snobs spark war of words in Sydney

  1. As usual – big, tough, keyboard warriors without the guts or manners to either sign the note, or even more politely, go and talk to the people- if it was me I would park it on the road permanently- if it’s registered it’s legal

    • Carefull, check with RMS about parking heavy vehicles in public streets!

      • If your Winnebago is less than 4.5 tone it isn’t a heavy vehicle an is quite legal if registered for the roa d. Some small minded people just get jealous they aren’t old enough to retire and enjoy life. Enjoy yourselves while you can.

  2. Yes I agree, some people seem to have very little to do with there time Should get a life.Cheers Stevo.

  3. It`s not a piece of s““ it`s our home and freedom to adventure maybe the rude person is just jealous and needs some brain therapy.

  4. I would suggest that the Sh…t in the street is the spineless neighbour who wrote the message grow some balls and face up to your identity

  5. I think this street should be parked randomly with other motorhomes for the next year or so …

  6. Just a VERY jealous would be if they could be living in Mosman.

  7. I have an old winnie too and had similar incident in Melbourne a year ago all the best on your travels and hopefully we fortunate people will meet up one day to share our adventures around Australia

  8. That’s the top and bottom of it all. Pure jealousy. We have it, we’re doing it and they ain’t. Who wants to be stuck in a concrete box that goes nowhere anyway. Lol. Good luck all, have a safe trip.

  9. When someone refers to themselves as “we” and doesn’t identify themselves as the author, then they are the piece of sh**. I wouldn’t have given her/him/it a second thought.

  10. Don’t you just love snooty B******s

  11. We live in our motor home also because even having two jobs, the criteria for house rentals were ridiculous, as for this scumbag that is jealous of the freedom you have to travel, tell him to bash it up his backside and get a life.

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