‘We came back from a walk and our caravan was gone’

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Grey nomads have van stolen
Missing ... have you seen this van?

Grey nomads are being urged to stay security aware at all times while out on the open road … and it’s not just the theft of small personal items that can be the problem.

Queensland police are appealing for anyone with information about the theft of a large caravan from a tourist destination near Cairns to make urgent contact with them.

The Ian Grant Tourer mk3 caravan was bearing Victorian registration V40 431 when it was stolen.

Apparently the owners had parked at the car park near the Cattana Wetlands, a 80-hectare nature conservation park with a 420m boardwalk through feather palm forest. When they returned, they were stunned to find their van was missing, especially as they had secured a hitchlock on the front of it for security.

The caravan contained personal items and property belonging to the owners.

  • How do you try to ensure your van is secure when you leave it to go sightseeing? Comment below.
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