Wild winds send caravan hurtling across a paddock

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caravan destroyed in wind
Parts of the caravan were strewn across a paddock. PIC: 7News

Wild weather has lashed South Australia causing absolute chaos across the state … and sending grey nomads a clear warning about the potential perils of driving in high winds.

The extreme conditions saw roofs lifted off houses, trees toppled, and caused one caravan to completely disintegrate.

Channel 7 News reports that the van was being towed by a car on Callington Rd at Strathalbyn yesterday afternoon when it was caught by a strong gust. The top of the vehicle appears to have been ripped off the trailer and thrown into a paddock.

Parts of the caravan, which was totally destroyed in the incident, were strewn across the field and a

caravan blown over by wind

A tractor had to be brought in to remove the caravan debris. PIC: Nine News

tractor had to be brought in to remove it.

Channel 7 reports power outages disrupted thousands of people in South Australia throughout yesterday evening but most power had been restored by the morning. The worst of the wild weather was over by about 10pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology had warned people to take care as the wild weather kept emergency services busy with about 180 callouts, due to strong wind gusts.

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3 Responses to Wild winds send caravan hurtling across a paddock

  1. Very unfortunate but thankfully uninjured.

  2. Thankfully nobody was injured.
    Yes, please don’t tow in high winds.
    I’ve welded tie down points on my vans chassis. I carry strong ropes straps and steel pickets just in case.

    • I carry on board 6 long groundgrabbas with three 4 ton ratchet straps just for these occasions! Works a treat!

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