Caravan rolls following collision with fuel tanker

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Caravan rollover near Tamworth
The caravan rolled off the road near Werris Creek. PIC: Fire and Rescue NSW Quirindi/Northern Daily Leader

A car and caravan have rolled off the road after colliding with a fuel tanker near Tamworth in New South Wales.

No one was injured in the crash, which happened on Werris Creek Road at Werris Creek earlier today. It has been reported that even Max the cockatiel, who was travelling in the car with the caravanners, escaped unscathed.

It is understood the four-wheel-drive towing a caravan collided with a fuel tanker, forcing the caravan to run off the road and roll.

The Northern Daily Leader newspaper reports that the crash damaged the truck, but the fuel tanker’s load was not impacted.

A spokesperson for Fire and Rescue NSW said three crews from Tamworth and Quirindi were deployed to the crash site along with a Hazmat unit.

Crews worked with the Rural Fire Service to clean a small fuel spill up, after fuel from the truck leaked into the soil.

The spill was contained and firefighters spent more than an hour mopping up the scene.

The crash caused minor delays with reduced speed zones setup for crews.

A guard rail was also damaged and investigations into the crash are continuing.

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18 Responses to Caravan rolls following collision with fuel tanker

  1. How the hell does this happen???

    • Because a lot of truck drivers are maverick road hogs and they think they own the roads

  2. People should have an idea of what’s going on around them some have no idea if a truck comes up behind you please don’t slow down, keep your speed up don’t speed up in passing lanes which happens so much , if your your van starts the wobbly never put your foot on break speed up and try to pull the van straight then slow down ..

    • Is the comment relevant to what happened? Don’t speculate.

    • Speeding up does not help. It is the worst reaction to a wobbly trailer. It will make an accident more severe.

      Trailer brakes should be set to pull up the tow vehicle.
      Doing nothing ie not braking not speeding up, just hold the wheel is better than putting your foot down on the go pedal

      • I agree the worst thing u can do is put your foot down as u said. You need an enormous amount of power to pull them straight. Better to back off hold it straight and slow down

        • The reason the van is swaying it is pushing the car,manually pull utrailerbrakes on and keep your s speed up to pull the van out straight, slow the car or touch the brake in the tow vehicle and you will get pushed out of line by the caravan beyond recovery

      • Exactly Andy…your comments are spot on

    • Load the vans and the towing vehicle correctly…and it won’t get the wobbles

  3. I would like to know the facts before jumping to a conclusion.
    Who was a fault? There are many inexperienced caravaners on the road and equally many truckies pushing their luck to make a pittance to feed their families.

  4. We also had a near miss with a tanker who passed us and cut in front too soon miss judging his length.we had to break otherwise he would have hit our car

    • Did you slow down to allow the truck to pass you with ease

  5. I don’t see the point in commenting on these incidents until the facts surrounding them are known.

  6. Sorry but vI don’t read anything above to say the van had the wobbles up. In fact, nothing has been said as to a reason YET. The authorities are investigating.

    I do agree however not to speed at any time. Again, nothing was said above.

  7. Yes making the wrong accusation in a court of law can get you into a bucket load of trouble,let alone just how stupid you look when its been proven that the truck or load had anything to do with the situation.I learnt very early in life not to assume anything. Stevo.

  8. lol slow down, speed up, hold the wheel goes to show how much inexperienced people are out there towing vans. And i see the nomad legal system is still passing judgment before the facts are tabled

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