‘We won’t pay to use dump point! Oh, it’s a donation!’

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Tenterfield Showground camping
Happy campers at the Tenterfield Showground, where a dump point drama has played out. PIC: Gerri & Kym

Grey nomads aren’t normally known for happily shelling out their hard-earned travelling dollars to use a dump point … but that’s exactly what’s been happening in the New South Wales town of Tenterfield.

While the facility has always been free for caravanners and motorhomers camping at the showground in the town, other travellers staying elsewhere had long since baulked at being asked for a $4 fee to use the dump point and to fill up with water.

However, their attitude changed totally when they were told the fee was being made into a donation to the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter.  Not only have there been no complaints about the fee since the initiative was introduced, there are actually some onsite campers who are now choosing to voluntarily donate to a good cause.

It has all neat that the Tenterfield Showground Trust has just been able to hand over a $495 donation to the helicopter service. The Tenterfield Star reports that, while it’s actually the Showground Trust donating the money as the trust still bears the cost of the dump point and water, the community has happy campers and more funds to keep the chopper flying.

The dump point costs the trust $490 a year, and of course the water runs through its metre.

President Bruce Petrie said the trust is more than happy to support the rescue service, considering the showground is a site where accidents can happen, given that many events involved working with livestock and horseriding.

  • Are you more happy to donate money to a good cause that to pay an authority for things such as using a toilet, or dump point or even camping? Comment below.


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13 Responses to ‘We won’t pay to use dump point! Oh, it’s a donation!’

  1. $4 is nothing and now the Show society are subsiding grey nomads what next

    • yep I wouldn’t mind the donation fee, I might need the service one day… Even if some of it went to pay our way. As Darren said the rate payer end up paying for it. I know because I live in a beach side town.. Yes I do tour around in my van…

    • It cost them $490 and they collected this and a bit more. It is a great positive idea and doesn’t subsidise anyone.

    • I do not feel they subsidise. They gain $25 per night per van that must more than offset costs

  2. We are always willing to donate to RFDS and Angel Flight, if the use of dump points is used to raise extra dollars, great. Good to see Tenterfield showground trust is diverting the funds to a good cause.
    These services provide a lot of peace of mind to travelling Nomads.

  3. Residential properties have to pay for water as well as sewerage disposal. Why should there be freeloaders??

    • and this comment is a prime example of where Australian society is going.Good Grief!!

    • The so called freeloaders pay $25 a night to utilise the showground facilities, and those that don’t stay generally spend their hard earned via fuel, groceries and maybe a coffee in Tenterfield.

      • The dump point is free for those staying at the showground (as stated in the article) the donation is required for those Not staying there…

    • Every day tripper in the country is a “freeloader” but isn’t that why we pay rates and taxes? As for compulsory donations we all pay those in our rates taxes and prices we pay for things p!us banking. I baulk when ” Donations” become compulsory especially by governments and business.

  4. Hi Just put your money IN, as we HAVE PUT in EXTRA $ at every location we have stayed in, Its is a very shame to a have these locations closed down and what happens when these free camps disappear

  5. there are several travellers that will not assist the small out back towns

  6. Do others see that having to pay to use a dump point might encourage some to dump into a public toilet (or worse, in the bush)? (Think about tip fees and what happens in bushland near rubbish tips). Either that or they just won’t stay in that town. Tenterfield wants to encourage even more visitors now, since the bushfires, so providing a free camp and free dump point might just be the answer. I know a few who said they would stay there if it had them. All towns should get on board with free services. It helps them greatly and there is enough evidence of this.

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