Is ‘holiday brain’ making you a target for thieves?

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Grey nomads with holiday brain at risk of theft
Police are warning grey nomads of the risk of 'holiday brain'. PIC: North West Star

Grey nomads are being warned not to let their ‘holiday brain’ ruin their Big Lap adventures and to stay vigilant against the threat of theft.

With event season now well and truly underway, Mount Isa police say caravanners and motorhomers need to be security aware.

Mount Isa police sergeant Whitney Lacy said although break-ins had been low, it was important for travellers to always lock their doors.

“Just ensure that your relaxed and carefree holiday mood doesn’t affect your ability to maintain appropriate security measures as caravan parks can also serve as ideal locations for opportunistic offenders,” she told the North West Star. “Remember, it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your personal belongings safe and secure.”

Sgt Lacy said there were simple ways to reduce the risk of opportunistic theft.

“Whilst there have been only six reported property related offences in our caravan parks within the past two months, five of these offences could have been prevented, had the vehicles/caravans involved been locked and secured,” she said.

  • Have you been guilty of ‘holiday brain’ oversights and left equipment and accessories out for thieves to steal? Do you lock your RV every time you ‘pop out’ for a few minutes? Comment below.
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One Response to Is ‘holiday brain’ making you a target for thieves?

  1. We always lock the van door even if we are only going away from the van for a few minutes. Tug is locked as soon as we unhook. I also attach a locked wheel clamp to one of the van wheels.

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