Campsite vandalism taken to new level by tree felling

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Campsite trees
No wood was stolen, but vandals went to extraordinary lengths to fell the trees. PIC: Ballarat Courier

A mind-boggling act of senseless vandalism has shocked authorities in Victoria.

Five trees, some more than 100-years-old, have been illegally cut down at a campsite in Lerderderg State Park. The trees were cut with chainsaws and left fallen across campsites, and a steel fire pit was pulled from the ground and taken from the site.

Parks Victoria district manger Tony English told the Balarat Courier he was stunned at the scale of the ‘senseless vandalism’ which had killed trees that had been growing for more than a century.

“Felling such large trees would have been dangerous, noisy and time-consuming, so we’re asking anyone who might have heard or seen suspicious activity to contact Parks Victoria or Victoria Police,” Mr English said. “In the meantime, our staff will be hard at work to clear the campsite, ready for visitors to enjoy the state park during the Christmas holidays.”

Penalties for cutting, felling, removing, damaging or destroying vegetation in national and state parks can include initial fines under the National Parks Act 1975, additional fines under the Wildlife Regulations 2013, and court judgements where further penalties may be applied.

Parks Victoria and Victoria Police are investigating the incident at the campground on the Upper Chadwick Track.

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5 Responses to Campsite vandalism taken to new level by tree felling

  1. I just don’t get it. Why?

  2. Looks to me like it needed to be done – was hollow and dangerous. Parks Victoria need to be more vigilant in dealing with these issues, particularly at a camp site.

    • I think your missing the point- This is still vandalism and gives campers a bad name. One day these sites will not allow camping and that would be an injustice for all.

  3. Locals. Dont know anyone with a van that would even think of doing this.
    Thats not to say!!!!!!
    Besides who would drag around a fire pit ring with them, unless you needed one for home (local)

  4. Doesn’t sound like campers more like vandals.

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