Green light for new Cape Tribulation campground

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New camping ground for Cape Tribulation
Recent flooding or not, people will always be drawn to Cape Tribulation. PIC: Destination Daintree

A new tourist park in far north Queensland has been given the green light, reassuring grey nomads and other tourists that the region is open for business despite being rocked by a 118-year record flood.

The park which will contain 15 campsites with a 60-person capacity is  earmarked for 1.6 acres of land next to Cape Tribulation Rd at Cape Tribulation.

The Cairns Post reports that the development seeks to complement the existing camp ground known as Cape Tribulation.

Douglas Shire Council approved the new tourist park this week.

“Camping in the Daintree is one of those truly iconic Australian experiences that draws tourists from everywhere to our region,” Mayor Julia Leu told the Post. “Our Wet Tropics rainforest is one of world’s oldest surviving rainforests and a natural wonder that is on everyone’s bucket list.”

She said the council was aware that there was a definite hunger to experience our World Heritage-listed icons in the growing eco tourism market.

“We can encourage these visitors by approving sustainable developments such as this campsite,” she said. “This campsite will strengthen Cape Tribulation’s camping capacity and entice more self-drive travellers to visit the Daintree.”

The Cairns Post reports that some minor works will be carried out before the park is officially open, including gravel placement to make the road a suitable for motorhome access. An amenity block including laundry facilities and a dedicated onsite wastewater treatment system will also be installed.

Ms Leu said the new tourist park would also showcase that the Douglas region was back to business as usual following a severe wet period.

“After a trying period of severe weather, our region is definitely open for business and we need to encourage people to flow into our pristine shire,” she said. “I want to call on people to head north to the most enchanting place where the rainforest meets the reef.”

Council has also launched a ‘Douglas Card’ to boost visitation to the Daintree in traditionally softer visitor periods.

The card gives people free travel on the Daintree Ferry, free shuttle buses to the Mossman Gorge swimming area and other offers for local businesses.

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2 Responses to Green light for new Cape Tribulation campground

  1. Congratulations to the Council for encouraging visitors to the Daintree area by introducing the “Douglas Card”.

  2. We know lots of travellers that wont go to cairns area because there is no free camping anywhere north of cairns. Time the councils thought about the small business people.

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