Wombats dead as campsite vandalism reaches new low

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Campsite vandalism
Mindless vandalism ... the carnage at the Turtons Creek camping area. PIC: ABC/Forest Fire Management Victoria

As campsite behaviour plumbs new depths, five wombats have been found dead at a Victorian camping area where vandals have wreaked havoc.

The dead animals were discovered at Turtons Creek, South Gippsland, along with a burnt picnic table, spray-painted trees, dumped rubbish and a sign that had been destroyed by a shotgun.

It is believed the damage was done on June 29 or 30, when a number of four-wheel-drive vehicles were thought to be at the campground.

Assistant chief fire officer for Gippsland, Chris Stephenson, told the ABC that the wombats were probably shot or run over by a 4WD vehicle.

“It’s obviously been some people out there doing the wrong thing and have got a bit carried away, but it’s quite disturbing to find five dead wombats, plus all the other damage at that recreation site,” he said. “Shooting up a sign seems to be a common occurrence, which is disturbing. It’s dangerous.”

The fear is that there could be other people in the area, who could be injured or worse.

Mr Stephenson has called on the public for any information on suspicious behaviour in the area.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers or the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

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4 Responses to Wombats dead as campsite vandalism reaches new low

  1. We must find these crazies and prosecute them harshly..I feel sick just reading this story..what is going wrong with these so called humans

  2. I saw this on FB and it seems that the idiots have posted photos on FB of dead wombat sitting with beer and hat on. Also photos of rego numbers, so hopefully Police will be closer to arrests.

    • I hope you have this FB info passed onto the authorities. How cruel can people get? They need to face the severest of consequences.

  3. Am I surprised in an area in a State that encourages people to own guns and shoot defenceless native creatures.

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