As travel restrictions ease, caravan accidents return

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Grey nomads and caravan accidents
Dash cam footage a split second before the accident. PIC: Maryborough Police

With the gradual easing of travel restrictions in many parts of the country, caravans and motorhomes are starting to appear on our roads again … and they’re also starting to appear in the accident statistics.

Police in Maryborough in Queensland have urged travellers to be extra cautious following what could have been a very serious crash on the Bruce Highway on the Gunalda Range late on Wednesday afternoon.

Dash cam footage from a truck shows a ute towing a caravan appear to veer in front of it. The vehicles collided heavily and the ute was pushed into the central barrier but, miraculously no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Senior Constable Melanie Ryan said the accident showed just how easily things could change in a split second, particularly in wet conditions.

“Please slow down, take your time and arrive alive,” she said.

Police have released video of the accident. It can be seen here.

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7 Responses to As travel restrictions ease, caravan accidents return

  1. We only have a 50k travel limit and no overnight stays at the moment so how come caravans and motorhomes appearing on the roads

    • Isn’t it 150km travel on QLD and up to 500km of living in outback. Maybe the owner was bringing van back from local storage. Who knows.

      • Nothing in the back of the tray, so he is travelling pretty light, making me wonder if he may have only just picked it up…Looking at the trees he may have had a cross wind hit..

  2. No weight in the tray & wet road disaster waiting

  3. Currently 250km travel from home in QLD. There’s virtually no checks anywhere up north have not been pulled over once in the last 4 months and I drive over 1300km every 5 days

  4. Eek that’s a scary video!
    Looks like the driver might have freaked out about getting overtaken by the truck as he seems to hit his brakes just before veering right. Also those big trucks (who hate us caravanners!) do tend to travel too close behind and then there’s that “suck in” that happens when they overtake…
    I always move waaaay over as far to the left of the road as possible when I see a truck coming up behind me to overtake to reduce the “suck in”
    But yeah heavy van, unladen Ute, wet road, bad combination!
    The stuff of. Nightmares. Glad nobody was hurt…

  5. I viewed the dash-cam footage and the ute driver was traveling at about 20 to 30 Kmh faster then the truck. It was road rage which what wrong for the ute driver. Truck in right hand lane and the ute passed on the left then cut in front of the truck.

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