Van park seeks to create innovative artificial wetland

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Bus Oasis Caravan Park at Nome for grey nomads
The wetland and caravan park expansion plan at Bush Oasis Caravan Park at Nome. PIC: Townsville Bulletin

An innovative proposal to create an artificial wetland at north Queensland caravan park is the centrepiece of a larger re-development plan.

Bush Oasis Caravan Park at Nome south of Townsville has lodged development application to create an additional 13 caravan sites, 10 more ‘glamping’ tents, two communal kitchen tent/structures and a community tent/structure.

However, it was idea of an artificial wetland which really captured the imagination.

“The new wetland is to be located central to the new buildings/structures and will provide an aesthetic and user amenity function as well integrate into the wastewater management and stormwater management systems,” the application said.

The Townsville Bulletin reports that the idea is for treated wastewater from the caravan park to be fed into the wetlands.

The plan said using constructed wetlands for water treatment and reuse in parts of Australia was a ‘viable option’. It said these types of wetlands helped reduce nutrients and performed the function of ‘disinfection’.

“Constructed wetlands provide a low-cost alternative to tertiary biological nutrient removal, and consequently can be appealing for small communities and private enterprises where the cost of upgrading treatment works can be prohibitive,” the management plan said. “Treated wastewater from these wetlands can be used to irrigate parks and gardens. The water discharged from constructed wetlands can be an acceptable quality to flow into estuarine and riverine environments such as the downstream environment from the site.”

The Bulletin reports that, although the water that feeds the proposed artificial wetland is treated, the development said it had been designed to ensure that the water quality objectives and environmental values of the downstream Whites Creek, part of the Ross River Basin, were not affected.

The development will have to be assessed by the council and State Government.

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One Response to Van park seeks to create innovative artificial wetland

  1. Great idea. But remember wetlands breed mozzies. Mozzies bite and transfer many debilitating diseases.

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