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Carnarvon Gorge National Park in Queensland

Carnarvon National Park

For grey nomads who love to walk, Carnarvon National Park in Queensland’s central highlands is truly a must-hike destination. Located some 600 kilome­tres... Read more

Grey nomads flock to Charleville in Queensland


The Outback Queensland town of Charleville first ap­pears on many grey nomad radars because of its relative accessibility … but it is its... Read more

The beautiful World Theatre in Charters Towers

Charters Towers

Strolling through the streets of Charters Towers and its near endless array of magnificent heritage buildings, it is not difficult to believe that... Read more

Grey nomads flock to Clermont in Queensland


by Peter McKenzie Clermont is proving to be a popular destination for long and short term ‘grey nomads’ during the Queensland winter months.... Read more

Cloncurry attracts grey nomads


The remote town of Cloncurry on the Overlanders Way is, in many ways, typical of the mining communities of north-west Queensland … and... Read more

Cooktown, grey nomads


Cooktown, about 330 kilome­tres north of Cairns, is a genu­ine slice of grey nomad para­dise. Known as the ‘gateway’ to Cape York, the... Read more

Cunnamulla Fella


All grey nomad Slim Dusty fans will be familiar with the ‘Cunnamulla Fella’, a legend of the song he co-wrote with Stan Coster... Read more

Dalrymple National Park

Dalrymple National Park

Dalrymple National Park in Queensland’s tropical north may not be the biggest national park around but it sure packs a mighty scenic and... Read more

Grey nomads fossick in Emerald, Queensland, Australia


The town of Emerald in Queensland’s Central High­lands region is probably best known as the gateway to the area’s gemfields. Lying on the... Read more

Grey nomads interested in Fraser Island trips

Fraser Island

Queensland’s Fraser Island is one of those almost mythi­cal destinations that is sure to fire the imagination of any experience-hungry traveller. The World... Read more

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