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Lake Awoonga (photo courtesy of Tourism Queensland)


The city of Gladstone elicits a mixture of responses from grey nomads making the effort to turn off the Bruce Highway on Queensland’s... Read more

Grey nomads in the Gold Coast

Gold Coast

At first glance, Queensland’s Gold Coast doesn’t appear to be natural grey nomad country. Its neon-filled shopfronts, high-rise hotels, reveller-packed streets – not... Read more

The Victoria Hotel in Goondiwindi, Queensland


For grey nomads seeking a friendly country town with an interesting history, a scenic river, and some great camping opportunities … all roads... Read more

Julia Creek

Julia Creek

Whenever campfire discussion turns to which towns are the most welcoming to grey nomads, one name inevitably crops up again and again …... Read more


The very name of Longreach conjures up images of cowboys on horseback moving their dusty herd against a big Outback sky, with perhaps... Read more

Maryborough is a top spot for grey nomads


As one of Queensland’s most historic towns, Maryborough is a natural drawcard for grey nomads. Situated some 250 kilometres or so north of... Read more

Moreton Island

The spectacularly beautiful Moreton Island is a mere 40 kilometres or so east of Brisbane but the contrast with the hustle and bustle... Read more

Grey nomads head to the Mount Isa rodeo

Mount Isa

For grey nomads travelling the Barkly Highway through Queensland’s rugged interior, Mount Isa more than lives up to its tag as the Oasis... Read more

Moreton Bay

North Stradbroke Island

The magnificent North Stradbroke Island is a mere 90 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Brisbane – but it feels... Read more

Pentland caravan park is place to stay for grey nomads


Pentland in north-west Queensland is one of those small Outback towns that far too many grey nomads rush through as the travel along... Read more

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