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Port Douglas for grey nomads

Port Douglas

As grey nomads criss-cross their way across this mag­nificent country, just about everywhere has something of interest to offer … but there are... Read more



Like many Outback Queensland towns, Quilpie – some 200 kilometres west of Charleville along the Diamantina Developmental Road – has long been susceptible... Read more

Grey nomads flock to Roma


Roma is one of those fascinating and surprising inland Queensland towns that helps to make the grey nomad adventure such a rewarding one.... Read more

The Rubyvale area has one big attraction for many grey nomads!


For a town with a population of just 600 or so, Rubyvale in central Queensland sees an awful lot of grey nomads pass... Read more

Curtis Falls on Tamborine Plateau

Tamborine Mountain

The Gold Coast’s magnificent hinterland – the green behind the gold – remains (inexplicably) one of the Big Lap’s best kept secrets. For... Read more



Most grey nomads travelling deep into the Queensland Outback along the iconic Adventure Way will stop at the tiny town of Thargomindah …... Read more

Waterfront Townsville


Townsville has changed a lot over the years and its reputation as one of the jewels of the tropical north is now well... Read more

Golden Gumboot


While a town trumpeted as the wettest in Australia might be expected to be of limited appeal to travellers famous for their love... Read more

Yeppoon (photo courtesy of Tourism Queensland)


Yeppoon has long been a bit of a grey nomad hotspot … and it’s very easy to see why. Situated about 40 kilometres... Read more

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