Lucky escape as caravan rolls on Wide Bay Highway

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Caravan rollover shock
Paramedics assessed the rollover victims at the scene

There has been yet another caravan rollover … this time on the Wide Bay Highway in Queensland.

Emergency crews rushed the scene of the accident, which happened near Goomeri just after 10am today.

It is being reported that both the tow vehicle and caravan went over in the incident.

Paramedics assessed patients at the scene, but Queensland Ambulance Media said there had been no injuries and no one had to be taken to hospital.

Just a few days ago, a two-axle caravan rolled on the north bound lane of the Pacific Highway at Ballina in New South Wales. One that occasion also the occupants escaped without suffering serious injury.

Sadly, these sorts of accidents are all too common on Australia’s highways and byways … and they can have a shattering influence on those affected. Here, grey nomads Fran and Geoff recall the moment their dream became a nightmare.

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15 Responses to Lucky escape as caravan rolls on Wide Bay Highway

  1. Need to drive to the conditions that road is not a motorway and is rough slow down came through there yesterday a little slower than speed limit but no problems

    • We have just come down from Darwin no problems weight dist set have van and tug set up wright some of the stupid things we saw people doing no wonder we cruise at 90_95 and vans over taking doing at leased 110 and over no wonder

  2. My sister and Brother-in-Law recently brought a Caravan, they both undertook a course on towing.
    How many Gray Nomads have done this?

    • Hello ..where did they do the course and who with .. thankyou

  3. Unfortunately too many caravanners are initially inexperienced at towing, ( which is normal ) BUT, don’t do any research about weights, weight distribution, braking etc.

  4. Free camping in towns is agreat idea for the economy c parks are to dear for what you get

  5. Far too many accidents nowadays, which we all “shiver” at, but we never seem to hear anything the ’causes’ or ‘reasons’.
    We could all be guilty of similar offences such as “incorrect loading”, ” weight ratios “, “Speed”, “inexperience” etc…..
    Or, Heaven Forbid, other motorists lol
    It’s a media mecca out there now bagging a lifestyle we have chosen to enjoy.
    Let them start reporting “both” sides remembering “accidents” can and do happen.

  6. We’ve been towing trailers, horse floats ….long before becoming “grey nomads” . Give us a break.

    • I agree with you Cherrie
      I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm and have been driving since I was 10.
      People who have been driving most of their lives are usually pretty good drivers. I have owned a caravan for 30 years and have travelled around Australia 3 times. we also belong to a caravan club, using the van at least I per month.

  7. It also must be remembered that there are a lot more caravanners on the road than before

  8. The drivers have to remember to watch the road and not sightsee or touch the GPS or the radio. Drivers doingmthis can swerve easy to the other side of the road.

  9. What type of vehicle was pulling the caravan?
    Did the vehicle have auto air suspension and were weight distubition hitches used???? IS THERE A KNOWN REASON FOR THE INCIDENT…..

  10. Very little comment regarding the caravan manufacturers and their quality of workmanship, particularly their care of weights and measures and correct labelling, the truth is frightening really.

  11. There is a device that is easily fitted to caravans to assist if the van starts to become unstable; Electronic Stability Control. A very cheap investment when considering the cost of a van. It is an additional safety control on top of good driving habits and driving to the conditions.

  12. I think people do not drive to the condition of the roads, The speed should be drop when you are towing a caravan

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