How lucky can you be? Grey nomads win Lottery!

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Grey nomad lottery winners
Have won the lottery, will travel!

Grey nomads travelling long-term in this wonderful country may already be accurately described as among the luckiest people on Earth … and it seems, for some, the good fortune just keeps on coming.

Yet another caravanning couple have come up big on the lottery, scooping a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries win. Earlier this year, different grey nomads announced they had won the Lottery … for the second time in a few months.

The latest winners, who wish to remain anonymous, are from the New England region of New South Wales. They were said to be over the moon when told  their numbers came up on the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw.

“I’ve got the shakes!” laughed the woman. “We won’t be eating mince in the caravan tonight … we’ll be pigging out for sure!”

The happy winner said that, even when living on the road, she didn’t miss any Lucky Lotteries draws and described the win as fantastic.

“We can get a new 4WD – this one is getting on and struggling with the van a little bit, and we’ll also get a diesel heater and satellite TV for the van,” she said. “We love travelling Australia and this will keep us going.”

  • Do you buy lottery tickets while you travel, or do you think you’re already lucky enough to be doing what you’re doing? Comment below.


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5 Responses to How lucky can you be? Grey nomads win Lottery!

  1. Never miss, have been buying since I started work 50 years ago when it was golden casket. As a matter of fact worked it out only last week ,I think they owe me about $71,354861.Oh well you cant win it if your not in it.Cheers Stevo.

  2. Well done guys. Keep travelling

  3. Best of luck whoever is lucky enough to win

  4. Congratulations…Your shout…!

  5. We take a lotto ticket in everySaturday night l;otto.
    Sort of think of it as a Insurance, cost us around $400 a year, and this is one insurance sort of policy I would like to claim on.
    Get plenty of lotto envelopes in the mail with cheque for $15 to $35. Obviously as you can see we are missing a number of 0000.

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