Will dump point diplomacy bring in the grey dollar?

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Yetman fishing spot
Will good fishing and a dump point be enough to bring grey nomads to Yetman

The tiny hamlet of Yetman in northern New South is to install a dump point suitable for smaller vehicles only in a bid to attract more grey nomads and other travellers.

Following repeated requests from visitors, Inverell Shire Council has given the go-ahead for the new facility to be installed at Apex Park

Yetman is well known as a good fishing spot and  sits on the Macintyre River, just south of the Queensland border, about 80 kilometres south-east of Boggabilla.

Installing the dump point will cost an estimated $10,000 with about $2000 a year in ongoing costs, but Cr Stewart Berryman told the council’s Civil and Environmental meeting that it would be ‘worth the investment’.

“If there’s a sewerage dump point there, travellers may pull up and stay and spend a few bob in the village,” he said. “It’s up to us to create those little economic benefits for smaller communities.”

The Inverell Times reports that the service will be provided free-of-charge and Yetman’s dump point will join others in the shire located at Ashford, on the northern foreshore of Copeton Dam and at Inverell Showground.

A report by council’s Environmental Engineering manager, Michael Bryant, said the absence of a reticulated town sewerage system in the town meant the service would be restricted to removable sewerage cassettes, typically of 15-litre capacity.

“Large motorhomes can have black water storage tanks from 70L to 250L capacity,” the report stated, so access to the point would be physically restricted to allow use by smaller vehicles only.

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9 Responses to Will dump point diplomacy bring in the grey dollar?

  1. Good move, Yetman!

  2. Yep. We will stop there. Great.

  3. Great it’s a pity our town of Victor Harbor could not do the same. They keep talking about it but it may happen one day

  4. Good luck in stopping big rigs – many of which carry up to 16 metres of slinky discharge hose or are fitted with macerators. To be watched are those who use large quantities of noxious chemicals in their cassettes which can seriously damage a lot of septic systems. However, it is still a very good idea and logic because many bigrigs have 200 litre black tanks so only need to empty every two or three weeks,

  5. ‘ Build it and they will come ‘

    and we will for sure ~ well done…..have written details in our TO VISIT book so after Christmas we will see you there with our $$$ for food, petrol & entertainment. Helen & Dave

  6. A dump point definitely attracts us to a town, especially because there is usually water there to rinse everything. We recently visited Norseman WA, here we found the dump point was only available during opening hours of the information centre and was locked at other times. CMCA members could access this for free, others were asked to pay a small fee.

  7. We have stayed at Yetman and really enjoyed the experiencs and the friendly locals. Also the Pub does great meals.
    Installing a dump point will induce the traveller to stay longer. So well done Yetman oh and we will be back.

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