Seeing is believing for fabled Big Lap mysteries

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A yowie statue in the town of Kilcoy, Qld which has declared itself as the yowie capital of Australia.

Grey nomads are used to keeping their eyes peeled for exciting things as they criss cross the country. For most, the sight of a saltwater croc or a platypus is about as thrilling as it gets … but then there are the bewildered minority!

The latest reported sighting of the mythical yowie creature in Mount Jerusalem National Park in New South Wales has once again thrown the spotlight on the weird and wonderful ‘beings’ that some startled travellers encounter. While it’s easy to write off reported sightings of yowies, bunyips, UFOs, ghosts, and aliens as misidentification, hoax or delusion, for those on the sharp end, the experiences can be all too real.

Yowie hunter Dean Harrison from Australian Yowie Research says the latest sighting of the mysterious ape-like creature, the yowie, has left a woman deeply traumatised. The unidentified witness described how she heard a scream, a grunt and a growl, and then saw a giant creature standing on a fire trail near the town of Uki.

“When it was in my headlights, it was 6’ to 7’ tall, it had a face with eyes about golf ball size, and it had really long hair,” she said. “The eyes glowed with or without the light bar and it smelt like fiveweek-old road kill.”

This is far from the first sighting of a yowie. Indeed, the small town of Kilcoy in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland proudly bills itself as the yowie capital of Australia. Although sightings here date back to the late 1800s, it was in 1979 when two campers encountered a ‘two to three metre brown-haired creature’ in nearby bushland that yowie fever really struck.

As interest soared, a fibreglass yowie statue was erected in Kilcoy’s Yowie Park and this has recently been re-modelled as the town seeks to use its yowie power to lure in grey nomads and other travellers. And it’s not just yowies. The small settlement of Wycliffe Well between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, has labelled itself the ‘UFO capital of Australia’, and long-term caravanners and motorhomers now spend many a long hour staring skywards hoping to confirm if ‘we are not alone’.

But maybe it would be better to know that we were alone. Back in January, 1988, the Knowles family were travelling near Mundrabilla on the Nullarbor when they say a powerful beam of light yanked their car into the air, filled it with a foul-smelling grey mist, and then plunged it back to the ground again. Reliable witnesses say the entire family was visibly shaken, with one son saying that it had felt like his brain was being sucked out.

Elsewhere, many travellers swear they have seen ‘part fish, part animal’ creatures swimming in southeast Queensland waterways, and giant panthers roaming New South Wales. So, are these things real or the figment of over-active imaginations? For continent-crossing, remote-travelling grey nomads, the truth is out there.

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One Response to Seeing is believing for fabled Big Lap mysteries

  1. There are plenty of reliable witnesses and a large amount of forensic evidence to proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Knowles Family were attacked by a paramilitary group using a helicopter fitted with specialised lifting equipment. By all accounts the craft that attacked them was about the size of a station wagon with something on top of it, it hovered, it had a powerful searchlight, it spewed out carbon soot and hot fumes from it’s engines, it made a high pitched humming electrical noise from it’s main and rear rotors and a vroom vroom noise from the engines. It sounds like a helicopter to me. The Knowles Family were not the intended target, that was a case of mistaken identity. After the attacked the family drove into the Mundrabilla roadhouse and Mr Henley a truck driver looked over the car. Henley said “Soot was all over the car and there were four dents as if the car had been picked up by a magnet”. Henley was right, the car had been picked up by an electromagnet. Later that day the Police at Ceduna inspected the car and said the black dust that covered the car was like the residue that collects in a car exhaust pipes. Not quite, but it was the soot from a helicopters exhaust system that was blasted all over the family and the car during the attack. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. The family had been wrongly targeted and the helicopter crew tried to force them off the road using the searchlight hoping they would crash. If the crew had succeeded they would have killed the family and used the electromagnet to lift the car, fly over to the Southern Ocean and dump the evidence in a watery grave. Sean Knowles swerved around the beam of the searchlight and the family caught a split second glimpse of the chopper which looked to them like a car towing a caravan or trailer or an old station wagon with something over the top of it, that’s what the chopper looked like to them. The crew turned the chopper around to chase them and flew past them intending most likely to have another go of running them off the road but Sean turned the car back the other way. Desperate to finish the job the chopper crew caught up to the car while it was travelling at 125 km/hr and tried to hoist the speeding car off the road using an electromagnet. The family heard a loud metallic thump on the roof and felt the weight of the magnet plus the downdraft from the chopper pushing the car down making it difficult to control. The static electricity of the electromagnet made their hair stand on end and the high voltage started to melt the wiring filling the car with smoke. The family wound down the windows and were engulfed by carbon soot and hot fumes from the chopper and their voices were distorted as the rotor blades compounded and oscillated the air around them. Mrs Knowles feels the car being lifted and reaches onto the roof and touches a rubber insulator which surrounded the electromagnet which she described as a soft rubber suction pad. Her hand was also burnt by the hot fumes and she later needed medical treatment for those burns. As the car is lifted it swings violently from side to side, Sean looks at the speedo and it is now recording the top speed of 200km/hr because his foot is still on the accelerator and the front wheels are free wheeling, The swinging motion of the car makes it impossible for the chopper to maintain lift and it loses height. The rear tyre of the car hits the road and explodes and the car still attached to the helicopter bounces along the road at over 100 km/hr damaging the suspension and shearing the springs in the front wheel wells. Sean slams on the brakes and is dragged skidding along the road and this braking action nearly brings down the chopper which still has air momentum. The car comes to a halt and the family jump out while the chopper is swinging out of control on the steel cable. The family watch as the chopper is going down tail first into the ground with its engines labouring to gain control. Never in the history of helicopter aviation has anybody been under a tethered chopper while its engines were flat out. The chopper was blowing desert dust and carbon soot all over them and shining the searchlight at them so it was difficult to see the helicopter, they did however see the outline which they described as an egg ( the shape of the nose of the chopper) in an egg cup ( the shape of the chopper as it tapers down towards the tail). The helicopter gains control and the crew see a truck approaching so they break off the attack and fly away. The chance sighting of the truck gives the family a chance to return to the car and start to fix the blown tyre. The truck would not stop and the family jump back in the car and chase the truck. The helicopter was now desperate to finish the job or this operation would be exposed and chase the Knowles family trying to reattach the magnet but the driver swerves all over the road making that impossible.The family finally escape and pull into the Mundrabilla Roadhouse. This attack had lasted for about 90 minutes. This account can be proved but the authorities and the media have been trying to cover up the truth and blame it on something else, anything else because if the truth is revealed HEADS WILL ROLL.

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