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Poor water quality throws a wet blanket on tourism

The poor water quality in the Hawker region near South Australia’s Flinders Ranges is reportedly deterring grey nomads from lingering in the area.... Read more

End of the road for Wagga free camp?

The days of free camping at Wilks Park in the New South Wales town of Wagga could be about to draw to a... Read more

Travel plans up in the air for potential nomads?

The strong Aussie dollar is luring more mature travellers overseas than ever before. Thousands of potential grey nomads are leaving the van in... Read more

Closure could be on the cards at Keppel Sands

Fears are growing that ongoing sewerage problems could be about to force the closure of the council caravan park at Keppel Sands, east... Read more

Spies in the skies keep campers in line

Satellites may soon be having a far bigger effect on the grey nomad lifestyle than simply delivering high-speed broadband access to remote travellers.... Read more

Outback internet plan no longer pie in the sky

Grey nomads travelling in the remotest parts of the country are among those who could benefit from the unveiling of a new satellite... Read more

People power helps to drive bottle ban

A ban on plastic water bottles in America’s Grand Canyon National Park is finally to be put in place. As reported some months... Read more

Internet, internet, wi-fi out there

Grey nomads and others are increasingly being drawn to spend time – and cash – in areas that offer free wireless internet connections... Read more

Flood misery continues

The floods that have devastated a number of inland Queensland towns and severely disrupted the travel plans of many are certainly not over... Read more

A stunning response to park rule-breaker

Breaking the rules in an American national park is most definitely not recommended. Just ask the hiker who didn’t have his dogs on... Read more

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