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Actions of few spoil camping joy for many

It is sad to report that the abuses of some over the holiday period have put yet more free camping areas under threat.... Read more

Heidi hits home

Tropical Cyclone Heidi made landfall on the coast of Western Australia early this morning, bringing with it wild winds of up to 130km/h... Read more

Nature’s fury

Grey nomads still travelling in the north of Western Australia are certainly experiencing the full range of drama that nature can deliver at... Read more

Rising costs may bust budgets at the bowser

The cost of taking the ‘Big Lap’ looks set to get even bigger over coming weeks as fuel prices look poised to rise... Read more

“Big Lap Brain’ kicks in as nomads seek thrills

The nightmare ‘snapped-bungee-cord ordeal’ of an Australian tourist in Zimbabwe is a cautionary tale for the army of ever-more adventurous grey nomads hitting... Read more

Is time running out for shower stealers?

With caravan parks both very busy and very expensive during the holiday season, the free camping phenomenon is once again at its most... Read more

Lessons to be learned from Outback ordeal

The amazing tale of the grey nomad who became stranded in remote bush country and then walked nearly 30 kilometres to safety in... Read more

Hoons hit camping spots in Tasmania

While the Christmas holidays aren’t generally the most peaceful time to go camping, they aren’t supposed to be a living nightmare either. But... Read more

Fire risk extreme as temperatures soar

The scorching temperatures in southern states are making life interesting for grey nomads … and just about everybody else! Emergency services have been... Read more

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