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Feral camels often wander onto roads in the Outback

Camel swerve crash puts Outback driver in hospital

A frightening accident near Uluru has underlined once again the real threat that wandering wildlife poses to grey nomads on remote Outback roads.... Read more

Free camping at Mt Scoria

Is victory in sight for free camp lobbyists?

A long battle to have free camping allowed at a Queensland beauty spot could be about to bear fruit. Following years of pressure,... Read more

Take care with valuables, wherever you are camped

Caravan park thieves shatter age of innocence

The days of grey nomad innocence are well and truly over. Petty thieves have swept through another caravan park in Queensland, sending another... Read more

caravan park site crisis in Broome

Will there be peak season vacancies in Broome?

Authorities in the grey nomad mecca of Broome are acting to ease the town’s ongoing caravan park site crisis. About 38,000 caravanners and... Read more

overseas drivers

‘Forgetful’ overseas driver drifts to wrong lane

Wandering wildlife such as camels are not the only imported species causing potential problems for grey nomads on our roads. Forgetful overseas drivers... Read more

Port Lincoln Bushfire

Firefighters battle to bring blaze under control

A bushfire has burnt within 100 metres of homes on the outskirts of Port Lincoln, on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. About 180 firefighters... Read more

Kangaroo Island drilling plans

Alarm over plans to drill for oil off Kangaroo Island

A major corporation has formally applied for permission to explore for oil and gas in deep waters to the west of Kangaroo Island... Read more

Banff National Park in Canada is home to lots of grizzly bears

Calls to reduce grizzly encounters in Canada

National parks in Australia are not the only ones grappling with ways to reduce the growing number of conflicts that visitors have with... Read more

A feral cat has finally been captured

Cat nab a relief for endangered wallabies

A feral cat that was causing havoc at the endangered Mala wallaby enclosure at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park in Central Australia has... Read more

Another grim reminder for travellers to be prepared on Outback trips

Another tragic death in Outback ordeal

There’s been another tragic death in a remote part of Australia. The body of a 33-year-old man has been recovered in Mutawintji National... Read more

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