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grey nomad thieves

Do grey nomads really steal van park toilet rolls?

Australia’s grey nomads are generally famed for their friendliness, their adventurous spirit, and for the economic boost they give rural communities … but... Read more

Grey nomad drug smuggling scandal widens

Grey nomad cannabis smuggling scandal widens

The scandal surrounding the arrest of two grey nomads in South Australia for drug trafficking earlier this year is widening. Back in October,... Read more

Spirit of Tasmania ferry fares under the microscope yet again

Tassie fares are high … but so are visitor numbers

While the high cost of transporting a caravan or motorhome across the Bass Strait is a major deterrent to many grey nomads wishing... Read more

Speed limits lowered near NT roadhouses

Speed limits reduced near Territory roadhouses

The Northern Territory Government has reduced the speed limits near roadhouses along the Stuart Highway. Most roadhouses will have their speed limits reduced... Read more

Grey nomads may be at risk of highway hypnosis in Australia?

Highway hypnosis may put grey nomads in peril

Do grey nomads suffer a condition known as ‘highway hypnosis’ as they drive great distances between Outback camping spots, and is it putting... Read more

Grey Nomad Times for Austraian grey nomads

Latest Grey Nomad Times hits the cyber streets

Christmas has some early … the latest wildly entertaining edition of the Grey Nomad Times is on the streets! In GNT Issue 60,... Read more

Dumaresq Dam near Armidale free camping for grey nomads

‘Sorry! Go into town to pay the new camping fee’

Another popular free camping site in New South Wales could soon be charging overnighting grey nomads and others a ‘nominal’ fee. In the... Read more

Camel cull helps reduce numbers in Outback Australia

Feral camel population not as big as once feared

Australia’s feral camel population may be nowhere near as high as previously estimated. At the start of the Federal Government’s $19 million Australian... Read more

Swino the partying pig to get a monument

Monument planned for Swino, the partying pig

The infamous beer-guzzling feral pig that caused mayhem at a Pilbara camping area before being run over by a passing truck could have... Read more

Older grey nomads face special driving test

Should over 85s have to take extra driving tests?

Branding it unnecessary and discriminatory, Western Australia is to scrap the scheme which requires drivers aged 85 and over to undergo a mandatory... Read more

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