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Visitor Information Centres for grey nomads

It’s the first port of call … but where do we find it?

One of the first things that many grey nomads do when they arrive in a new town is to seek out the local... Read more

Grey nomads embrace dashcam consept

Rise of ‘dashcams’ set to make Big Lap driving safer

The rise of the ‘dashcam’ is slowly helping to make taking the Big Lap that little bit safer … and may well help... Read more

Award-winning volunteers back on a cleaner track

A group of volunteers who pick up rubbish along South Australia’s iconic Outback tracks have been awarded a Landcare Australia award in the... Read more

Dollar dip causes a drop in diesel and petrol prices

The falls in the value of the Aussie dollar has meant some relief for grey nomads at the bowser in recent weeks …... Read more

Smithton hotel in Tassie frees up their grounds

An award-winning Tasmanian hotel is thinking outside the square … and offering self-contained grey nomads a free place to park up for three... Read more

Read all about it … the latest GNT hits the streets

Hooray! The latest edition of the action-packed, fun-filled GNT is on the streets … and it’s more exciting than ever! In our latest... Read more

Regional communities see the value in luring visitors

There is growing evidence that at least some of Australia’s rural towns are genuinely beginning to appreciate the benefits of attracting more grey... Read more

Feral animal control plan a shot in the park in NSW

The trial of a plan to allow amateur hunters into New South Wales national parks will begin next month. Environment Minister Robyn Parker... Read more

Tanami Track grey nomads

Will Tanami Track toll proposal seal the deal?

Calls for the legendary Tanami Track to be fully sealed are growing louder and more urgent. The road – the most direct route... Read more

No free camaing for grey nomads in Coffs Harbour

Coffs mayor acts to block subsidised camping plan

The battle over whether to allow free and subsidised camping in Coffs Harbour has ratcheted up another notch. Late last week, John Arkan... Read more

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