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Grey nomads killed in motorhome accident in Victoria, Australia

Driver error may have been factor in motorhome crash

Police say driver error may have been responsible for the crash that killed a grey nomad couple in central Victoria. The man and... Read more

The Wanderer caravan in UK

End of the road for caravan that inspired a lifestyle

The world’s first ‘pleasure-only’ caravan has taken its final journey. The Wanderer – which can justifiably be described as the inspiration behind the... Read more

Grey nomad fossickers, Queensland

Is fossicking the jewel in Qld’s tourism crown?

Queensland is hoping its recent decision to simplify the fossicking licence process and to open up 5,500 hectares of state forest to fossickers... Read more

Grey nomad drug smugglers

Grey nomads charged with using van to traffic drugs

Proving that you never really know who you’re camping next to, a grey nomad couple has been charged with drug trafficking following a... Read more

Grey nomads of Australia face dangers of the road

Crashes highlight dangers of early morning driving

Two separate road accidents in Queensland have brought into tragic focus the sorts of dangers grey nomads face as they travel Australia. In... Read more

GNT explains the mystery behind happiness outbreak

Why is everyone around you in the van park smiling like Cheshire cats? Why are normally sensible travellers skipping to the amenities block... Read more

Victorian National park fees are on the rise

Camping fees to rise at Victorian National Parks

The proposed changes to the camping fee structure in Victorian national parks has sent shockwaves though the grey nomad community. The State Government... Read more

Utah Goblin Valley State Park

Can we stop ‘idiots’ putting ancient landscapes at risk?

Every now and again, campers in Australian national parks come under fire for taking wood for their campfire, or tying ropes around trees,... Read more

Free park for grey nomads

When vandals move out, grey nomads can move in

Plans are moving ahead to try to establish a free camp for grey nomads at a park in the outer Brisbane suburb of... Read more

Grey nomads, wicked vans

Are campervan slogans too Wicked for our roads?

The days of the ‘offensive’ slogans daubed across the multitude of Wicked camper vans that cross-cross the country could be numbered. The vans’... Read more

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