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marine stingers and grey nomads

Invasion of the jellyfish leaves experts puzzled

Marine stinger season is well and truly here and grey nomads and others are being told to be on high alert when venturing... Read more

Grey nomads to be affected by dust stormss

Super dry Outback means there’s dust on the horizon

As much of Queensland’s Outback areas experience extreme dry conditions, the likelihood of grey nomads and other travellers running into a dust storm... Read more

No speed limits for grey nomads on stretch of Stuart Highway

Speed limits abolished in Outback highway trial

The Northern Territory Government has announced it is to abolish speed limits on a 200-kilometre stretch of the Stuart Highway. The 12-month trial... Read more

Queensland campers are happy

The ‘listening’ state sees benefit of happy campers

In an effort to keep ahead of camping trends and to continue to give grey nomads and other travellers what they want, Queensland... Read more

The Big Lap without a fuel bill …. keep dreaming!

The ever-spiralling cost of fuel is one that is a major worry for many grey nomads as they pursue their dream lifestyle. The... Read more

We’re taking the grandkids ‘gramping’ … in GNT 56

Pack the ‘Toy Story’ DVDs and the teddy bears, we’re taking the grandchildren on the adventurous journey into Edition 56 of the Grey Nomad Times. In... Read more

Grey nomads

Risk-taking baby boomers spark surge in drownings

Retiring baby boomers are hitting the open road in record numbers, embracing the challenges of their new lifestyle, taking up different hobbies, and... Read more

Will 48-hour RV parking at Coffs Harbour be allowed?

The debate over whether camping should be allowed to continue at the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores is reaching fever pitch. In February, councillors... Read more

Partying pig dies in road accident

Swino, the partying pig, has had his last beer

The drunken feral pig that caused mayhem at a Western Australian camping area last month has finally run out of luck. The pilfering... Read more

Grey nnmads warned that snakes are on the move

Snakes alive! Watch where you’re putting your foot!

While it always pays to be cautious, it’s time to be doubly careful about where you set up camp, what you tread on... Read more

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