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Caravanners and grey nomads not popular with other road users

Delayed in holiday traffic? Time to blame caravans!

With Christmas just around the corner and the roads about to become packed with holiday traffic, it seems caravanners may again have to... Read more

Bushfire risk raised for grey nomads in remote country

Be careful out there! Bushfire risk is ‘major’

With much of Australia having experienced lower than average rainfall and expecting higher than average temperatures, this summer is shaping up to be... Read more

Huge dust storm engulfs Bedouriee

Massive Outback dust storm turns day into night

Most grey nomads have learned to expect the unexpected when travelling in Australia’s vast and varied Outback … but anyone on the road... Read more

Grey Nomad Times has jobs, employment opportunities, housesitting and caravan For Sale listings

The open road makes you happier than owning things

Who needs a house, a lawnmower, and a vacuum cleaner when you can have the freedom of the open road? Not us! Issue 86... Read more

Is diesel on way out as fuel for grey nomads

Is the diesel-powered Big Lap on its last legs?

Diesel may be the fuel of the bush but there are growing signs that its days in the proverbial sun may be drawing... Read more

Grey nomad slove dump point at Maitalnd

Grey nomads in demand as dump point ‘fever’ spreads

The New South Wales town of Maitland has become the latest to recognise the economic importance of grey nomads … and is to... Read more

Grey nomads, Tasmanian national parks, development, eco-tourism

Tassie national parks set for tourism development

Tasmanian national parks are quickly becoming the next battleground in the great eco-tourism debate. After a number of mainland states had already given... Read more

Potholes are problem for grey nomads

State of Australian roads not improving, says report

A new report has revealed what most grey nomads already knew … there are some shocking roads out there in Australia! Australian Local... Read more

Grey nomads get gold fever as Destiny nugget found near Ballarat sells for $292,000

Nomads get gold fever as nugget sells for $292,000

The huge upsurge in grey nomad interest in gold prospecting and gem fossicking is certain to be further fuelled by the recent sale... Read more

Grey nomads fuel demand for Australian caravans and motorhoes

‘If you build them, we will travel Australia in them!’

While the Australian car manufacturing industry may be struggling, it seems production of recreational vehicles – fuelled by grey nomad demand – is... Read more

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