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Caravan park thieves target grey nomad vehicles

Do grey nomads make it easy for van park thieves?

Chilled-out grey nomads can be a trusting lot … often too trusting, it seems! Police in the inland New South Wales town of... Read more

The ‘in’ destination for grey nomad trips is Outback

New research has lifted the lid on where grey nomads most love to travel best and the results are no surprise … the... Read more

The Grey Nomad Times is out in cyber space now

One of the biggest travel trends of the next few years is likely to be the growth of peer-to-peer services, so what will... Read more

Grey nomads meet with schoolies

The schoolies are coming – and so are sky-high fees!

It’s one of the least favourite times of the year for many grey nomads … Schoolies! While graduating high school students are eager... Read more

Caravan fire kills camper

Human remains found in back of burnt-out caravan

A body has been in a burnt-out caravan at a camping ground in south-western Victoria. The Warrnambool Standard  newspaper reports that campers at... Read more

Grey nomads go camping with the stars

Celebrity-spotting nomads play Big Lap fame game

While caravan parks and camping areas aren’t normally well known as being magnets for the rich and famous, it seems that many do... Read more

Grey nomads obey speed limits in caravan parks

Danger could be around corner in busy van parks

With children sometimes running and skating around erratically, and stressed travellers often preoccupied looking for their sites, it is easy to see why... Read more

Beef attarction to draw grey noad tourists

‘If it worked for Longreach, why can’t it work for us?’ 

When a group of visionaries cooked up the idea for the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach more than four decades ago,... Read more

Grey nomad caravan rolls over

Grey nomads injured after caravan rolls on highway

A grey nomad couple has been injured after their caravan and car overturned on the Princes Highway in New South Wales. Police believe... Read more

Grey nomads tow caravan with a bike

It ain’t gonna be easy … but think of the savings!

With fuel prices continuing to rise, a host of budding inventors are turning their attention to what can make the dream lifestyle of... Read more

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