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NSW waive vehicle entry fees at national parks

The best things in life are free (for the weekend)

Grey nomads who haven’t bought a long-term pass for entry to New South Wales national parks will get the chance to save a... Read more

Grey noads, dump point, caravan, motorhome, Bathurst

‘If we want grey nomads, we must get dump points’

A dearth of dump points is driving grey nomads away from the New South Wales town of Bathurst, the council there has been... Read more

Hooray! Latest GNT hits the cyber streets

Camping beneath the shade of a beautiful tree may be tempting on a scorching hot day, but it can have tragic consequences. Issue 84... Read more

Grey nomads love caravan park at Arrawarra

Paradise lost? Coastal van park under threat

There are growing fears that another of Australia’s popular beachside caravan parks could soon be facing re-development. Around 40 trees have been felled... Read more

Grey nomads put nuclear test site in Big Lap itinerary

From nuclear testing to grey nomad hosting

The former nuclear test site at Maralinga in South Australia could one day become a mecca for grey nomads and other travellers. At least... Read more

Grey nomads debate technology issue

Do grey nomads want wi-fi everywhere they go?

Does having an internet connection and phone connection in even the most remote spots improve or spoil the Big Lap experience? It is... Read more

Grey nomads will be hit by fuel price rises

Fuel price hike will hurt budget-minded nomads

Australia’s grey nomads are expected to be among those hit hardest by the proposed half a cent increase to petrol tax. Starting from... Read more

Signmissing from Redbank Gorrge

Souvenir hunters snatch Redbank Gorge info signs

While a spate of graffiti attacks at iconic national parks in the US has been making major headlines, it seems that Australia is... Read more

US grafitti ‘artist’ makes her mark in national parks

A graffiti ‘artist’ has defaced numerous beauty spots at America’s most iconic national parks … and posted photos of her ‘work’ on social... Read more

Grey nomads spooked by crocodile sightings at Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia

Croc sightings cause stir at popular tourist beaches

The recent sighting of two large crocodiles at two popular tourist beaches in tropical north Queensland has sparked a bit of interest. Two... Read more

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