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Grey nomads,, caravan, Wagga Wagga, parking

‘We love the free camp, but we want parking, too’

Grey nomads have long been expressing their gratitude to the country towns that offer them free overnight camping opportunities. However, this is not... Read more

Fraser Island for grey nomads

Queensland’s favourite camping spots revealed

The Queensland state government has published a list of the most popular national park destinations for campers during the school holidays. Fraser Island... Read more

Join the latest GNT for a revealing campfire chat

Campfires are an integral part of many grey nomads’ Big Lap experience, and new research has revealed that we tend to let our... Read more

Grey noamds get used to West McDonnell name change to Tjoritja

Three parks re-branded to reflect Aboriginal heritage

Three well-known parks in Central Australia are being re-branded to reflect their traditional Aboriginal names. The ABC reports that West MacDonnell National Park,... Read more

Camp area closure a blow for local community

A popular camping area in Victoria’s Barmah National Park has been closed … and local businesses fear it will hit their bottom line... Read more

Driverless car for grey nomads

Are grey nomads ready for the ‘driverless’ Big Lap?

Even the slowest travelling grey nomad will inevitably face long, long stints behind the wheel as he or she traverses the vastness of... Read more

Australian grey nomads caravans and motorhomes to share rest areas and truckies to share rest araeas

Grey nomads & truckies … united they rest!

An innovative solution to the eternal “truckers V RV’ers” rest area showdown has been put forward by a leading road safety advocate. Rod... Read more

Grey nomads asked to visit Yass and their new dump point and parking for caravans and motorhomes

Dump point to help grey nomads say ‘yes’ to Yass?

Many of Australia’s small towns are declaring their determination to attract more grey nomads … and increasing numbers of them are backing words... Read more

Ozpig creator dies after falling from moving motohome on Great Eastern Highway

Grey nomad dies after falling out of motorhome

A 64-year-old woman who was travelling around Australia with her husband has been killed after falling out of the back of her moving... Read more

Australian Outback need sgrey noad and othhers to live and get jobs there

Looking for a place to live? The Outback needs you!

Grey nomads who have travelled in Australia’s vast interior will have already noticed something pretty obvious … there are not a lot of... Read more

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