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Flooding in the north of Australia

The highs and lows of travelling out of season

While a growing minority of grey nomads are choosing to travel out of season in a bid to avoid the crowds and to... Read more

Sleeping family escapes camper trailer blaze at Teewah camping area in Queensland

Sleeping family escapes camper trailer blaze

Details are just emerging of a Boxing Day camping disaster in Queensland that could easily have ended in tragedy. A family were camping... Read more

Great Ocean Road tourism crisis

Great Ocean Road bushfire sparks tourism ‘crisis’

The Christmas bushfires that destroyed 116 homes in Victoria and caused enormous anguish to so many are also having a having a secondary... Read more

Grey nomads Christmas

A very merry Christmas to grey nomads everywhere

We hope you have all found a fantastic – and an affordable – place to spend the festive season. It’s a busy time of... Read more

Outback rain

Heavy rainfall forces Outback tracks closure

Heavy rain has hit South Australia’s outback closing a number of roads well loved by grey nomads. The ABC reports that sections of... Read more

Alice Springs a hotspot for visitors

Domestic tourists flock to an iconic town called Alice

A strong program of special events has been credited with a huge surge in the number of visitors to Central Australia. The Norther... Read more

Hot wetaher warning for grey nomads

Keep cool grey nomads. It’s going to be a sizzler!

Grey nomads without air conditioning or access to an electricity source to power it would be well advised to park up next to... Read more

Caravan crash

Flattened! Caravan torn apart in NT highway crash

This heartbreaking image taken shortly after yet another accident involving a caravan on a Northern Territory highway graphically illustrates the ease with which... Read more

Grampinas camping for grey nomads

Camping fees slashed at Victorian national parks

Camping fees at dozens of Victorian campsites have been slashed by $11 per night as the government looks to encourage people to stay... Read more

Grey nomads debate closure of caravan park as free camping surges

Popular free camping spot forces van park closure

A Tasmanian caravan park owner has closed his business down because he says it is being killed by free camping. Gavin Imlach from... Read more

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