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Tasmania campsites

Grey nomads get company in Tasmanian campsites

The number of people heading across the Bass Strait to camp in Tasmania is growing quickly … but it seems that grey nomads... Read more

Passahe Holdings Port Hinchinbrook

Port Hinchinbrook re-boot will include huge van park

A massive injection of funds is to see Port Hinchinbrook in northern Queensland transformed into a major tourism destination, complete with a massive... Read more

Zika threat

Zika mozzies might yet call Australia home – report

Most grey nomads are familiar with the nuisance value and the potential health threat posed by mosquitoes … but things could soon get... Read more

Grey nomads heat

Be careful out there … it’s an east coast scorcher!

For grey nomads travelling along the east coast at the moment, there are only three words that can describe the weather they can... Read more

Hazelwood power station barramundi

Barramundi bait draws grey nomads to Victoria!

In a dramatic role reversal, thousands of barramundi are being released into waterways at either end of the country and being told to... Read more

Fraser Island dingoes

Fraser Island campers told to ‘behave’ near dingoes

Grey nomads and other travellers planning a camping trip to Fraser Island over Christmas are being warned about the perils of inappropriate interaction... Read more

Kiwicamp shower stealer

Battle of the amenities! ‘Shower stealers’ on notice

The popularity of free camping has led to the rise of the ‘shower stealer’ … and caravan park owners and roadhouse operators are... Read more

Red fire ant

Bye thongs, Bye picnics, red fire ants are coming

Any grey nomad who has ever been bitten by a red fire ant while out in the bush will be alarmed to hear... Read more

Nullarbor fire

Grey nomads stranded as bushfire sweeps Nullarbor

Scores of grey nomads were among the hundreds of travellers stranded in remote Western Australia as a bushfire swept across the Nullarbor, forcing... Read more

Stealth camping

Stealth campers V locals … summer must be here!

With summer upon us, the enduring battle between free campers in city streets and the local residents who are upset by the presence... Read more

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