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Caravan rollover

‘I felt the gust, the wobble, and then we were over’

When retirees Fran and Geoff left their Perth home on their eagerly anticipated six-week north-west adventure in September, they had no idea of... Read more

Grey nomads free Daintree Ferry Crossing

Free Daintree crossings … but only if you are local

Free crossings on the Daintree River ferry are now on offer … but only if you are a local! The rise of the... Read more

coastal route in Queensland

New sealed coastal road a boost for grey nomads

A plan to boost tourism in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and keep grey nomads off the notorious Bruce Highway has been given a boost.... Read more

cattle collsion danger

Growing alarm at scale of wildlife collision problem

For grey nomads travelling in remote areas, the danger of a nasty collision with some form of wandering wildlife is a real one.... Read more

Campers at Yabby Farm Esperance

‘It’s our land, why can’t grey nomads camp here?’

The problems that can arise when landowners seek to quietly allow grey nomads and other travellers to camp on their properties is being... Read more

Pacific Highway rubbish

The Big Lap is brilliant … except for the rubbish!

For all the unexpected wonder th­at grey nomads find as they travel around Australia, there is one common discovery that brings almost universal... Read more

Spoilbank marina

Can Port Hedland become a grey nomad mecca?

The battle between west coast communities seeking to attract grey nomads is cranking up a gear. For so long, in the shadow of... Read more

Caravan accident

Caravanners uninjured after scary truck collision

The two occupants of the car towing this caravan must have been absolutely terrified when they came into contact with a large truck... Read more

Caravan park damaged by cyclone

Mini-tornado terror. Oh, what a night! What a fright!

The grey nomads caught in the eye of the storm as a mini-tornado ripped through a Sunshine Coast beachside caravan park yesterday afternoon... Read more

Caloundra storm

Mini-tornado wreaks havoc at Sunshine Coast van park

A massive storm has swept through part of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast late yesterday afternoon, giving grey nomads and other visitors at a caravan... Read more

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