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Grey nomads find it hot to camp in the Grampians

‘It’s really beautiful here … but go somewhere cooler!’

Scorching temperatures around the country have made life pretty uncomfortable for many grey nomads and other travellers. In Victoria’s Grampians region where temperatures... Read more

Caravan park theft stings grey nomads

Caravan park security in spotlight as thefts continue

Sadly, thefts from caravan parks and camping areas – particularly over the festive season – appear to be a growing problem. There are... Read more

Caravan rollover near Brisbane shocks grey nomads

Pair in lucky escape after caravan slams into tree

A caravanning couple has walked away from an horrific accident south of Brisbane on Boxing Day. Police believe the 64-year-old woman who was... Read more

Happy Christmas to grey nomads

A very Merry Christmas to grey nomads everywhere

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all grey nomads and their families. We hope that your travels in 2019... Read more

Santa on Outback highways

The holiday season is here … and so is ‘termite’ Santa!

As the festive season gets into full swing, Santa has been making his traditional appearance along Outback highways and byways. At this time... Read more

tolls for grey nomads with caravans

Credit offer to those caught out by ‘streamlined’ tolls

Grey nomads left counting the cost of a ‘streamlined’ system for toll charges in New South Wales have been offered at least a... Read more

Grey nomads and heatwave

The hottest day ever … and we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Australia has sweltered through its hottest day on record and temperatures are expected to soar even higher as heatwave conditions embrace most of... Read more

Rubbish at campsites

‘We offer free bins and bags … so why do this?’

Sadly, it’s a scene that is becoming all too common at campsites across the country … a pristine spot scarred by selfish campers... Read more

Ballina caravan park

Bigger … but it’s not better for short-term campers!

A caravan park in Ballina in New South Wales has unveiled plans to axe short-term camping sites as it seeks to cater for... Read more

Centrelink and rent assistance for grey nomads

Are grey nomads entitled to claim rent assistance?

A common question we are asked is whether you can receive Rent Assistance for caravan park fees while travelling around Australia. Rent Assistance... Read more

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